Nearly nude man caught on Delta Gamma’s security camera


Porch photo

Clay O'Neal General Manager Rachel Karas Managing Editor

Kent Police confirmed a new incident involving a man wearing a red swimsuit who appeared on the front porch of Delta Gamma near the Kent campus.

The video shows what appears to be the same man from the incident at Alpha Phi’s house waving at the camera and proceeding to touch himself. 

The man’s image was captured on security footage between 2 and 3 a.m. Thursday.

“Obviously, this is a new incident that happened that gives us some more things to be able to look at,” said Captain Nick Shearer of the City of Kent Police. “But it doesn’t really change the course of the investigation.”

Shearer said the police want help in identifying the person from the porch videos and that they’re happy to “field any tips, no matter how vague.” 

The Kent Police have no new information at this time. 

Anyone with information is asked to call 330-673-7732.

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Correction: Captain Nick Shearer’s first name was incorrect in an earlier version of this story.