KCS wins Ohio’s Distinguished Student Organization award

In a round robin presentation surrounded by four teams that consisted of college alumni, professors and people with PHDs, the Kent Communication Society (KCS) took an award back home. 

KCS celebrated winning the Ohio’s Distinguished Student Organization award at the 83rd Annual Ohio Communication Association Conference in Taylor Hall Wednesday evening.

With free food and campus resources tables, members of the KCS gathered to celebrate its honorary, black plaque.

Faculty Advisor Molly Taggart, Research and Conference Director Sam Croy and Vice President Julia Pieri presented the organization’s research at the conference.

Croy and Pieri said the research focused on effective teaching styles and how those can be adapted in the classes. This was their first time presenting at a conference and their confidence paid off. The research identified variables to consider when trying to effectively teach students. This includes a teacher’s personality, physical and teaching style.

Croy said winning the award was rewarding for all the hard work KCS put in.

Pieri, a senior communication major, said the event was initially intimidating, but she was happy to end her final semester at Kent on a high note, but not just because of the win.

“Being VP has been awesome. It gives me exposure to other people I wouldn’t necessarily know,” she said. “It’s my senior year. It was good to end my semester on such a high note.”

Taggart previously won the professor of the year award at the Ohio Communication Association Conference. She said the members are wonderful and appreciates the hard work they put in.

“It was a wonderful trip,” she said. “It was my pleasure accompanying them to the conference.”

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