Bell Tower Brewing Co. creates new “diversity” brew

Avery Savage, TV2 Reporter

Avery Savage, TV2 Reporter

Today is National Beer Day! Bell Tower Brewing Co. added a new beer named after former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “Dissension,” the company’s newest brew, emphasizes the advancements that women have made in recent generations.

The beer was created in support of the Pink Boots Society, an organization that aims to recognize women and non-binary people in the alcoholic beverage industry.

“We named it “Dissension” because [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] descended so many popular opinions when she was on the Supreme Court where she didn’t believe justice was being served because it wasn’t equal rights for all,” said Jennifer Herman, the head brewer and co-founder at Bell Tower Brewing Co.

The new beer is a 7% traditional American IPA with floral, citrus and stone fruit flavors.

TV2’s Avery Savage spoke with the head brewer to learn more about the newest beer flavor.


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