Kent State Swifties’ excitement grows as Pittsburgh Taylor Swift concert draws closer

Destiny Torres, Reporter

Swifties are going to remember June 16 and 17 ‘All Too Well’ as Taylor Swift makes her way to Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh.

The Eras Tour showcases Swift’s songs throughout her career. Swift sings over three hours of music from each of her ten albums.

Fans such as senior early childhood education major Hannah Lawrence said that they look forward to taking them back in time and performing her top hits.

“I’ve been listening to Taylor for twelve years now,” Lawrence said. “This will be my fourth concert with her and I can’t wait.”

At each concert, Swift performs two different surprise songs that are not a part of her usual 42-song repertoire, which has many fans excited. Along with the setlist, Swifties can look forward to multiple outfit changes and special effects.

“I really want ‘Seven’, ‘Better Than Revenge’ or ‘Long Live’,” Lawrence said about the surprise songs. “But overall, I’m really, really excited about this show as I feel like a lot of fans will bring great energy. Everyone is dressing up and going all out.”

For some Swifties, like Isabelle Roach, this concert is a dream come true.

“I’ve been listening to Taylor since 2007,” Roach said. “It’s been on my bucket list forever, I’ve always connected with her music and this is something that I feel like I needed to do.”

Many fans plan to dress up in their favorite Taylor Swift outfits. Whether that means showing up in sparkly pink for Lover or wearing a shirt cursing at Jake Gyllenhaal for breaking Taylor’s heart, fans are ready to celebrate together.

“I’m going with my best friend and we’re going as Lover and Reputation,” Roach said. “We always have so much fun when we go on adventures together, this is going to be amazing.”

Those that got tickets for The Eras Tour should consider themselves ‘The Lucky One’. Some, like Roach, had a more difficult time getting tickets.

“My best friend and I were really hopeful to get tickets,” Roach said. “I got the verified fan code for TicketMaster, I was sitting in the queue and finally got to the loading screen. Then it booted me, I was in line for eight hours and nothing was left.”

According to Roach, she felt hopeless about ever getting tickets. That was, until Ticketmaster sent out an email stating that Verified Fans would have a second chance to get tickets.

“I could hardly believe it,” Roach said. “I was still like, ‘I’m still not going to get tickets, it’s not going to happen’, when it finally happened, I broke down crying.”

These Swifties are excited to have ‘The Best Day’ and are ready to dance and sing these unforgettable nights away.

Destiny Torres is a reporter. Contact her at [email protected].