Kent investigates claims of suspicious behavior on campus

Halee Sepulveda

Kent State Stalker from on Vimeo.

Social media has been blowing up this week with claims of stalking and harassment on and off of Kent’s campus. 

Several claims have been made on twitter about a woman in red hoodie who has been seen lurking outside of Campus Pointe apartments and the Student Recreation Center. Witnesses have said that the woman appeared to be holding her arm as though she was in pain and asking individuals for help. Witnesses also claimed that the woman retreated back to a van occupied by several men. 

Although students on social media have claimed to have called into the Kent State Police Department, the University Police said that they have received no calls reporting the incidents. 

I spoke to the Executive Director of University Media Relations, Eric Mansfield, on the phone this morning and he told me that a similar case was reported at the same time last year. The case was investigated then and police found no sufficient evidence to support the claims at the time. Mansfield told me that no calls have been made to University Police to report the incidents. 

When discussing the lack of investigation about the alleged incidents, Mansfield said: “If there are no police reports, what is there to investigate?”

One sorority house also claimed to have reported harassment attempts this week. The girls in the house reportedly heard knocks on the front door early in the morning only to find no one there. One of the girls said she walked outside after dark to find a strange car parked in the back parking lot of their home with it’s lights turned off. She claims to have seen three men sitting in the car, watching the home. 

A phone call was made to the Kent City Police Department, and Police Officials are now supposed to patrol Fraternity Circle every ten minutes as a precaution. 


Halee Sepulveda is a TV2 Reporter. She can be contacted at [email protected]