Kent State adds asset management group to business school

Seth Zarlinga

Kent State University is in the middle of an ambitious expansion plan for their school of Business administration. That plan has been in the works for years. The Golden Flash Asset Management Group is part of it. 

Their President Daniel Volpe sees a bright future for the group as Kent State expands and brings new generations of business students to its doors.  The student lead organization is responsible for managing the investment of over one million dollars of the Universities donations.  The money comes from Alumni, and the group is one of many that manages the universities accounts. 

Student organizations like the Management Group are a huge draw for students looking to get the most out of their College experience.  As the organization providing students with valuable experience to help them secure jobs after college.  Student and member Nick Kollar believes the group gave him a chance to apply material he has learned in his class’s.  While the groups President Daniel Volpe believes that failure is often the best teacher, and that the group gives students a chance to learn through experience.

As the market becomes ever more competitive, internships and student organizations are an important asset for a student to have on their resume. Placing them at the for-front of Kent State’s plan to become a nationally recognized school of Business Administration. 

Seth Zarlinga is a TV2 reporter. Contact him at [email protected]