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Dominion’s history-making defamation trial against Fox News over 2020 election lies kicks off in Delaware

Oliver Darcy and Marshall Cohen, CNN April 18, 2023

Wilmington, Delaware CNN -- The high-stakes showdown between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News finally commences in earnest Tuesday when the $1.6 billion defamation trial begins, shining a spotlight...

USG President Tiera Moore

Kent State enacts policy for painting campus rock

Emma Andrus Reporter January 28, 2021

A new Kent State policy went into effect Jan. 11 that is intended to set some rules around how the Front Campus rock is used and painted, following a series of messages in September that included “White...

Gorman headshot

Opinion: You Were Wrong

Cameron Gorman June 28, 2018

Multiple journalists are dead in Annapolis. What could I say, really? When I saw the news, I froze for a moment. My heart, like every other time these kinds of tragedies strike, grew so heavy. But only...

“Freedom Sings” performs on Cartwright Hall April 26, 2018.

Freedom Sings concert stresses importance of First Amendment

Conor Battles April 28, 2018

The music of artists as diverse as Beyoncé and the Beatles was used to discuss the importance and relevance of the First Amendment to Kent State students at the Freedom Sings concert and lecture Thursday...

Republicans: Why should the government be allowed to dictate what we can say?

Rachel Walker November 8, 2017

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably...

Democrats: Free speech is powerful; use it carefully

Jessica Kukura November 8, 2017

Free speech should not be restricted or censored and should be held to high esteem by the speaker, endeared as a powerful tool.American society relies on a free market of thoughts, but when thoughts are...

Gene Policinski, the chief operating officer of the Newseum Institute and First Amendment Center, gestures toward the audience during his joint presentation on the First Amendment with David Hudson Jr. (not pictured) in the Kiva Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017

‘Do you know your five freedoms?’ event focuses on First Amendment

Lauren Garczynski October 4, 2017

The First Amendment and the thorough examinations it has undergone lately were the key points at the “Do You Know Your Five Freedoms?” conversation in the Kiva Tuesday.The May 4 Visitors Center, the...

Guest Column: Teaching freedom of speech

Los Angeles Times April 5, 2016

Teaching a freshman seminar on freedom of speech on college campuses has made us aware of the urgent need to educate the current generation of students about the importance of the First Amendment. From...

Opinion: Letter to the editor

Joshua Moyer September 17, 2014

I have never penned a letter to the editor in my life. I seldom leave comments on news stories available online. But for once, I feel the need to express myself in a public medium.It’s time that we as...

Guest Column: Government for sale to highest bidder

Dan Thomasson April 7, 2014

WASHINGTON—Look for this advertisement on TV, your local newspaper and online in the not too distant future:"For sale at auction: 535 Seats in the U.S. Congress, 100 in Upper House and 435 in Lower Chamber....

Our View: First Amendment is not a trump card

DKS Editors February 11, 2014

In light of the recent events involving Sam Wheeler’s anti-gay comments on Twitter, some have argued that his First Amendment rights should have protected him from the indefinite suspension that followed;...

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