Opinion: Letter to the editor

Joshua Moyer

I have never penned a letter to the editor in my life. I seldom leave comments on news stories available online. But for once, I feel the need to express myself in a public medium.

It’s time that we as people stop being against things. The inspiration for this letter comes from a slough of recent protests here at Kent State and around our nation.

As a country, protests should be nothing new to us, considering our Declaration of Independence was a protest in and of itself. Women’s Suffrage and the Civil Rights Movement were protests. When it comes to protests, I would say our country has had a good grasp on how to conduct one. But what concerns me about the protests of today, and what I see as a contrast to the protests of yesterday, is the stance being taken by the individuals protesting.

Protesters “for” things are becoming more rare. The freedom of speech, religion, press and peaceful assembly are sacred rights. No one’s right to these freedoms is more important than the next. So my question to you, reader, is why engage in counter-protest to a cause you don’t agree with?

The Kent Stater and KentWired featured an article about the two men conducting a religious demonstration in Risman Plaza. I contest that this article was included, not for the religious content of the demonstration, but for the counter-protesters attempting to detract or disrupt the demonstration.

It is far easier to take away from what someone else is doing than it is to stand up for yourself. Don’t be against inequality. Be for equality. Don’t be against companies that don’t share your values. Be for the ones that do share your values. In response to the demonstration I mentioned in this letter, I believe PRIDE! should hold its own demonstration. Demonstrate your creativity and charisma. Stand for something that you believe in and be proud of it. Don’t tear someone down for having the courage to stand for what they believe in. It’s time to stop being against things.

Joshua Moyer is a senior aeronautics major. Contact him at [email protected].