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Robert Selvaggio, Director of Jazz Studies at Kent State University.

Playing it by ear: A blossoming musician’s call to practice, practice, practice

Mark Oprea March 10, 2015

When once asked about training budding jazz players, legendary pianist and bandleader Duke Ellington once said, “The most important thing I look for when looking for a musician is if they know how to...

Michelle Flynn and Nina Kern react to a funny question during a speed dating event in the Kent State Student Center.


Mark Oprea and Ellen Turk February 10, 2015

Finding love in the age of fast romance He said:You have three minutes to fall for her. Okay, go.With unabashed simplicity and rose petals, Kent State hosted its first speed dating of the year, presumably...

Rock band Harmonic Minors

Shedding hardcore pasts, local group finds solidarity in just rocking out

Mark Oprea February 10, 2015

Take Bruce Springsteen and Layne Staley, the lead singer from Alice in Chains, mesh them together, and out comes gritty rock band Harmonic Minors.Or so they claim.“I guess it’s almost blasphemous to...

Our View: A safer way to get home?

KS Editors January 21, 2015

BeMyDD, Kent’s newest way to get home after a night out could be worth the higher price. But can students trust the drivers? As college students, we will all spend a stint at the bars in downtown Kent...

Anthony Savatt, who has been hosting the weekly comedy nights at the Stone Tavern, begins the Stone Taverns 200th consecutive comedy show Monday, Dec. 1, 2014.

The current state of Kent comedy: family, therapy and lots of Pabst

Mark Oprea December 2, 2014

The undisputed patriarch of Kent’s comedy scene, Anthony Savatt, is rarely ever without a crowd. Every Sunday night, the 34-year-old comedian finds his way into a seven-minute set at EuroGyro along...

Acid Cats

Acidic jazz with a romping groove

Mark Oprea December 2, 2014

During a recent Acid Cats performance at the Stone Tavern, the five-piece closed its hour-long set with a vibrant version of “When the Saints Go Marching In.” Justin Tibbs, donning aviators, tilted...

Illustration by LaQuann Lee Dawson Jr.

Metal and ‘ThanksKilling’ mayhem on bill for local tavern’s holiday celebration

Mark Oprea November 24, 2014

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?Not being stalked by a blood-thirsty, murderous turkey should be on that list.“ThanksKilling,” a comedy-horror cult film directed by Jordan Downey, will...

Submitted photo.

Akron indie-pop group eager to make new name for itself with more mature EP

Mark Oprea November 18, 2014

Sway, meaning “to dance” or “to rule” is what seems to best define the Akron five-piece formerly known as The Ranks. It’s also something the band’s bass player can be seen doing mid-set, when...

Backburner relationships

Social media’s little secret: Backburner relationships in the digital age

Mark Oprea November 11, 2014

It used to be called a “little black book,” in which guys or girls stored potential sexual or romantic beaus, dreading any current partners ever finding out. The idea of collecting potential could-bes...

Reggae Music

A Gumbo Gala: Reggae Meltdown celebrates the many strains of Island music

Mark Oprea November 11, 2014

Reggae music, born in the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica during the 1960s, has always been a music of the people. From its Marley-born Rastafarian roots to its evolution into ska and seeping into punk rock,...

Erika Taylor, senior human development and family studies major, is an intern for the Head Start Program at Portage Learning Centers. For her latest project with the center, she hopes to gather at least 1,000 childrens books for donation.

Student-sponsored book drive gives low-income children a ‘head start’

Mark Oprea November 4, 2014

There’s no hiding it — Erika Taylor loves kids. In addition to attending Kent State for human development and family studies, she interns at the Portage Learning Centers, where she works as an aide...

Bad Luck Brian or Kyle

Face of ‘Bad Luck Brian’ owes online fame to good fortune

Mark Oprea October 28, 2014

A Google search for the phrase “Bad Luck Brian” brings up pages of photos of a red-haired 15-year-old boy with straight cut bangs, sporting a red-and-blue striped sweater vest. His pink face is pockmarked...

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