Our View: A safer way to get home?

KS Editors

BeMyDD, Kent’s newest way to get home after a night out could be worth the higher price. But can students trust the drivers? 

As college students, we will all spend a stint at the bars in downtown Kent at some point in our time at Kent State. We also know that, despite the stereotypes, we can be pretty responsible when it comes to not driving after. It’s cold out right now. How many of us struggle to find a ride home at the end of a cold night? Sure, there are taxi services, but what if you do drive your car and have to leave it downtown?

Kent’s newest DIY taxi service, BeMyDD, which Mark Oprea wrote about in Wednesday’s edition of KSUbuzz, offers students the chance to take their own cars downtown and bring them home at the end of the night — without breaking any laws. It’s a tag-team service where one driver picks you up and drives you home in your own car while another driver follows behind.

Sure, there is that unsure feeling of having a stranger drive your car, but repeat users of BeMyDD can request to have the same driver. The drivers reportedly go through extensive security and background checks, and they even wear ties. Plus, the idea of having your own car home at the end of the night is probably more appealing than getting in a taxi.

Compared to existing taxi services in Kent (which BeMyDD is not) this service may cost a little more, which isn’t so appealing to many students, but seems to be more reliable, with its services frequenting more than 76 cities in the country. Apart from the fact that individual cars will be brought home at the end of the night, we think this service is a choice far better than driving home after a night of drinking.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of The Kent Stater editorial board.