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Issue 1: Ohio redistricting reform

Elizabeth Randolph November 2, 2015

Issue 1 will create a bipartisan commission that will draw legislative compacts that don’t favor one political party over another.If approved on Tuesday’s election, the amendment will create a seven-member...

Our View: We should be educated voters on election day

KS Editors November 2, 2015

Election day is tomorrow and although it isn’t a large election, it's still important for students to get out there and vote.In a 2010 study done by CIRCLE, a non-partisan youth voting research center...

Kent City Council sees face-off in Tuesday’s election

Brittany Rees November 1, 2015

While the rest of the candidates for Tuesday’s Kent City Council election are running unopposed, Ward 1’s incumbent councilman Garret Ferrara is facing off against local designer Kenneth McGregor.According...

Issue 2 and 3: Marijuana legalization in Ohio

Hannah Armenta November 1, 2015

Issue 3 will legalize marijuana for both medicinal and personal use. The issue - a“citizen’s initiative” bill - was proposed by ResponsibleOhio and had to gain a certain amount of signatures before...

Amendments made to Kent City Charter

Rachel Godin November 1, 2015

On Tuesday, general elections will include five amendments to the Kent City Charter. The Kent City Charter is comparable to the Constitution of the United States or a state's individual constitution. Therefore,...

Issues 26 and 27 to bring money and service

Zachary Downes November 1, 2015

It is election week in Portage County and residents will have the chance to vote for many different issues that face Portage County.Issues 26 and 27 are one of the 43 issues residents will be voting to...

Kent City Renewal Levies

Jarrod Evangelist November 1, 2015

Issues 33 through 35 on the ballot will concern the city of Kent renewing and approving funding for several of its public services.Issue 33 is a $0.73 million renewal levy that would generate $248,000...

Letter to the editor: Consider Issue 43

William Wilen November 1, 2015

Issue 43 is on Kent’s Nov. 3 ballot, and the Kent Citizens for Democracy group would appreciate your support in getting it passed.This ballot is a nationwide attempt to call on our Congress to amend...

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