Issues 26 and 27 to bring money and service

Zachary Downes

It is election week in Portage County and residents will have the chance to vote for many different issues that face Portage County.

Issues 26 and 27 are one of the 43 issues residents will be voting to pass or to fail.

Issue 26 would help fund libraries across Portage County. The Portage County Library District has expressed the need for funding to better serve residents of the county. The Library District is asking for a $1 million levy in funding for the libraries.

The levy would generate $2.4 million annually for five years beginning in 2016. This money would fund improvement of collections, staffing, programs and services focusing more on early childhood and literacy services, workforce readiness, small business support and enrichment programs for all ages.

Issue 27 also provides better service for the community. Issue 27 is the Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities renewal levy.

This levy is a $1.8 million renewal that would generate $4 million for a continuing period of time beginning in 2015.

The renewal will convert the term from five years to a continuing period of time with no increase in taxes and account for approximately 20 percent of the board’s revenue sources.

Funds will be used for general operating purposes. If passed, the levy would include generating more services and support, a more person-centered decision-making and also help with the quality of life decisions.

For more information on these two levies and other issues on the ballot for the Nov. 3 election, information can be found through the League of Women Voters of Kent’s website, found here.

Zachary Downes is a a city reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].