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Sophomore communication studies major Lilli DiFinis home workspace.

One year later: Kent State students’ relationship with remote learning

Morgan McGrath Feature writer March 14, 2021

Students at Kent State University, like most colleges, have had no choice but to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic that’s been terrorizing the United States for nearly a year now. In fact, 2,260 students...

Rebecca Catto has been more flexible with her students because of the pandemic.

How professors have adjusted to COVID-19 a year into the pandemic

Olivia Perry Reporter March 12, 2021

The pandemic has created a change in the way students learn and professors teach.Professors everywhere had to switch from teaching classes in-person to online. To reflect the changes brought on by the...

Ben Vrobel continued going to his online classes after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Sick days during online learning

Ashley Blood Reporter March 12, 2021

Sick days are no longer mandatory because of online learning and many students are working through their illness.Before COVID-19, students took a break from school when they were sick. Now, because of...

Meet and Greet sets stage for USG elections

Blake Westover Reporter February 24, 2021

Current Undergraduate Student Government members, candidates and students met to discuss plans for next academic year Tuesday night over Zoom. The event had over 20 participants and featured four rounds...

Gene Shelton, professor in the Media & Journalism department.

Students and professors alike manage the positive and negative aspects of classroom technology

Zach Shepherd Reporter February 16, 2021

As vaccines become more readily available, more schools are opening up. Students and teachers are looking for ways to improve the classroom environment using technology acquired during the pandemic, but...

Faculty at Kent State appreciate remote learning and its unexpected benefits

DaJonay Johnson Teaching reporter February 2, 2021

For some, remote learning has surprising benefits, professor Daisy Arokiasamy said during a Hyflex Learning event held by the Center for Teaching and Learning on Friday.“I feel this is much better than...

Associate professor of accounting Mindy Nett’s “Mr. Happy Tax” bell. The bell is used to alert students when important information is coming up.

Kent State professors overcome barriers to keep students motivated

Jessica Ames Reporter February 2, 2021

To maintain student focus during her lectures, Mindy Nett rings a bell to alert her students when important information is coming up and they need to pay attention.Now, the sound from the yellow bell is...


LOGAN CYRUS January 28, 2021

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, adresses the audience at the We Decide: Planned Parenthood Action Fund 2020 Election Forum to Focus on Abortion and Reproductive Rights event in Columbia, SC on June,...

Kiley James, a junior integrated health studies major at Kent State. Courtesy of Kiley James.

Kent State students adjust to college from home

Morgan McGrathReporter December 9, 2020

Kiley James, a junior integrated health studies major, sits at home in her bedroom in Westerville, Ohio. She lives with her mother and brother, and for the rest of the fall 2020 semester, she’ll be completing...

Scott Courtney. Courtesy of Kent State University.

Remote learning leads students to be connected online, but not with each other

Zach Zdanowicz Reporter September 16, 2020

In the past, students have often connected with and used each other as a resource in the classroom. Now, with a majority of classes performing in a remote setting, this interaction is limited beyond blank...

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