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On September 12, 2001, the editorial board of the Kent Stater wrote an opinion that called for revenge following the attacks at the Twin Towers, Pentagon and Shanksville. They wrote, “they are just awakening a sleeping giant- a giant not only in military might but in the human spirit.” 

They called for revenge and unification, which we also see reflected in the other articles written days after that day. Now 18 years later, there’s a shift in the handling of 9/11, there is not a call for revenge 18 years later, but changes have been made throughout those years. We have been at war since 2001 and lost countless lives in the fight for freedom and for revenge. 

Now, our cries for unification and revenge have dwindled down. The closest memorial event to campus this year was in Tallmadge County and we honor those lost every year by flying flags, lighting candles and taking moments of silence. 

There was a time when an event like this would stop us in our tracks. But now, we’ve become numb to these tragedies