REFLECTION: The music that speaks to me

Shelbie Goulding

Shelbie Goulding

Shelbie Goulding 

Music speaks to people in different ways. It can touch a person’s emotions, trigger different memories or maybe even affect a person physically through dance, working out or performing a personal concert in the car.

I came up with my current top eight songs that affect me personally, whether they make me feel like dancing, feel certain emotions or maybe remember something from my past. In that moment, the song belongs to me.

“Sunflower” by Swae Lee and Post Malone

Generic choice, right? I normally get annoyed by overplayed songs, but I can’t be bothered by this one. Something about it just makes me happy, even though it sounds like a relationship not working out or being complicated. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty and strength. This song expresses how much of a loyal person I am, no matter how difficult a relationship or friendship can get. In some ways, it even keeps me positive.

“Traveling Song” by Ryn Weaver

I listen to this song often because it reminds me a lot of my grandmother who died a while back. The lyrics hit me when Weaver sings, “Soulmates aren’t just lovers,” because my grandmother meant everything to me, and I wish she could see who I am today.

“Stay a Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne

Love is complicated. Relationships are complicated. I’m not trying to fall in love anytime soon; it’ll happen when it happens, but this song hits me hard on the concept of wanting to feel some type of loving connection every now and then. Plus, the ongoing melody at the end is amazing.

“Bad Luck” by Khalid

I feel this song on so many levels, but my favorite lyric in this song is, “So if you’re gonna love me, you gotta love all of me, you gotta love, deeper than that.” It’s real, and I value that.

“Stay Alive” by José González

This song is one that I listen to when I need life to slow down. It reminds me that the little things make life worth living.

“Carolina” by Eric Church

First of all, I love almost every song of Eric Church’s — he’s my favorite country artist. And I’m not from North Carolina, but my dad’s family is from the Tennessee — North Carolina area. It’s been my favorite place since I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to call the beautiful mountain state my home.

“Paranoid” by Post Malone

I tend to keep things to myself. I never know who to trust. I feel alone more often than I should, and I stress about a lot easily. It drives me up a wall. This song definitely hits me when I’m feeling low, but I also like to hear it to remind myself I’m OK. 

“Future Me” by Echosmith 

There are times when you regret things in life and wish you never had to experience painful situations, but this song helps me remember why I have a tattoo on my back: Never have regrets. Regretful situations lead to better tomorrows. You learn from mistakes, and I like how my mistakes make me imperfect. Being perfect is boring.

Shelbie Goulding is columnist. Contact her at [email protected].