Best Place for the Under-21 Crowd

Two opposing bowling leagues duke it out at Kent Lanes Tuesday, April 19, 2016. FILE.

Henry Palattella

Best of Kent 2019

Winner: Brewhouse Pub 

We’ve all been there. You’re at a party, and it’s approaching midnight. Everyone who’s over 21 is itching to go to the bars, but there you are, 19, with nowhere to go. Fear not, because Brewhouse Pub is your beacon in the darkness.

Located on North Water Street, Brewhouse is a hot spot for students. It’s the only bar that allows in anyone over 18, which means it can be the perfect nightlife experience for those who aren’t able to go to other bars.

For a $5 cover charge (free for those over 21), patrons can enjoy Brewhouse’s DJ, pool tables, dance floor and basement. It’s the perfect place for underage students who don’t want the night to end. Brewhouse also hosts ladies’ night on Thursdays — perfect for a girls’ night out. Plus, they get in for free.

The arcade games and occasional giveaways also make it a popular spot those over 21 as well.

And if your wallet is a little tight, they have free popcorn on the side.

Second: Firefly Hookah Bar

Firefly is Kent’s only hookah bar, meaning it’s a natural hangout spot for those under 21 who enjoy smoking hookah with their friends.

Firefly offers a menu where you can choose from more than 30 flavors of smoke and even order tea, soda or energy drinks to sip on through the night.

In addition to hookah, Firefly also offers a relaxing atmosphere with couches and mood lighting, and its South Water Street address puts you right in the middle of downtown Kent.

Third: Kent Lanes

Who doesn’t love bowling?

Whether it’s nightly glow bowling or the open lanes in the afternoon, Kent Lanes is top-notch fun for anyone under 21 — no matter what time of day it is.

Low prices and specials are geared toward all age groups, while the nightly bowling and music is more accommodating toward students.

In addition, Kent Lanes also offers food and drink specials every night of the week. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, wings, salads and more than 20 different appetizers to share with friends. In the summer, Kent Lanes also has volleyball nets set up for free or league play. The bowling alley also offers a tiki bar right by the nets for those who want to seem like they’re getting away from an Ohio summer.