Best Event/Festival


Nathaniel Bailey

Partygoers stand outside a house on University Drive during this year’s annual Fake Paddy’s Day celebration in Kent.

Aaron McDade

Best of Kent 2019

Winner: Fake Paddy’s Day

The quintessential college celebration known as Fake Paddy’s Day is a day full of students celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early by drinking (a lot) and starting that drinking early in the morning. The only origin that can be found online credits the “holiday’s” inception to Kansas State University students who had a reputation of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a day of drinking. When spring break was moved to coincide with St. Paddy’s Day, students were upset they wouldn’t be able to drink together because many of them would be on vacation. This led to the creation of a “Fake Patty’s Day” where they could celebrate their beloved alcohol fueled holiday one to two weeks before spring break to preserve the traditions of drinking together. In the years since, the celebration has spread to many other colleges, Kent State being one of them, where students might be looking for an excuse to spend a cold March day warmed by the embrace of alcoholic beverages.

Second: Wizardly World of Kent

This event turns the streets of downtown Kent into a magic-themed paradise for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. Streets and areas are renamed for the day to fit the theme, like Acorn Alley being transformed to Diagon Alley. Costume contests are held for children and adults alike, as many come dressed in gear supporting their favorite Hogwarts house or as their favorite characters from the series whether it’s Harry, Hermione, Hagrid or a dementor. This year’s celebration will be held on July 27.

Third: Heritage Fest

One of the largest annual events of the year in Kent, the Heritage Festival celebrates everything there is to love about Kent. In 2018,

125 food vendors and booths showcased their products and 25 different local musical acts performed on three different stages throughout Kent. Those who attend can expect to be entertained by games and music as well as inflatables and rides for children, all capped by a fireworks display to end the night. This year’s Heritage Festival will be held July 6 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.