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Rain or shine: Students celebrate Fake Patty’s Day

Sara House
People flood the streets while celebrating during Fake Paddy’s day on March 9, 2024.

Celebrators start their day early with morning “darties”

As Fake Patty’s Day kicked off, students donned their green outfits and prepared for a day on the town.

Collin Miranda, Paige Maffei, Victoria Cooney and Emily Salyers are excited for a fun day on March 9, 2024. (Sara House)

This is the first Fake Patty’s Day celebration in which fraternities will not allow black out rage gallons (BORGs) at their parties, as they do not meet the bylaws of the Kent Interfraternity Council. 

Meredith McClain, a junior sports administration major, said the absence of BORGs will not stop her and her friends from having a good time, but it was one of her favorite parts from last year.

“It is sad that there aren’t BORGs this year because it’s kind of a tradition, but I’m excited to see all the green outfits and just have a good time,” she said.

On Main Street, the early crowd funneled into fraternities and house parties, but for many, the luck-filled day in green began hours before.

Jordan Portis, a sophomore entrepreneurship student, said she was more than willing to be an early-riser for the day.

“I’m definitely not a morning person. 9 a.m. classes? No. 9 a.m. [Fake Patty’s Day parties?] Probably,” she said.

Isabella Bryson, a sophomore marketing student, said she and her friends gave themselves a good amount of time to prepare this morning.

“We woke up at 8 a.m. to start and get ready,” she said. “We had breakfast, stayed hydrated and then we put on our outfits.”

People are out in the morning celebrating Fake Paddy’s day on March 9, 2024. (Sara House)

Victoria Cooney, a senior fashion student, said her day began much earlier, and taking a break will be essential for the day’s festivities.

“I’ve been up since 4 a.m.,” Cooney said. “I need a nap at like two.”

Portis said she’ll definitely have to stop at some point during the day, even though her friends might rather party all the way through the day.

“I’m taking a break, I’m eating Chipotle!” she said.

As the rain stops, the party goes on

Fake Paddy’s partiers began to party harder with broken tables and BORGs as fire alarms went off in the distance.

Although BORGs were recently banned from fraternities, Katie Cusder, a middle childhood education major and her friends, said they did not let the ban or the rain stop them from bringing their BORGs with them.

“Absolutely not baby, we BORG all day,” Cusder said.

Left to right: Katie Cusder, Nicole Abraham, Sydney Sanders represent their B.O.R.G’s despite the Frat houses attempt to ban them from their houses on March 9, 2024 Fake Paddy’s Day. (Annemarie Karabinus)

Nick Beck, a senior marketing major, said he was not discouraged by the rain and has been able to party through it. 

“Doesn’t really matter if you get rained on,” Beck said. “It’s just mud on your shoes.” 

In the past, Beck said several people have jumped through tables and this year is no exception. 

“It already happened,” he said. “We already lost a table at 12:50.”

Emily Stewart, a senior general business major, and her mom, Marie Stewart, enjoyed taking part in the Fake Patty’s celebrations while also celebrating her mom’s 61st birthday.

Emily Stewart said the craziest thing that’s happened to her so far was the number of people hitting on her mom.

“People hit on my mom, she gets hoes,” Emily Stewart said. “I mean look at her.” 

Mother Maria Stewart (61) with her daughter Emily Stewart celebrate Fake Paddy’s Day 2024 for the 3rd year as a duo. (Annemarie Karabinus)

The mother-daughter duo has been attending Fake Patty’s for the past three years, as it has become a tradition for the two, Marie Stewart said.

During the festivities, fire trucks arrived at a house on University Drive confusing those celebrating Fake Patty’s, Alex Marcavish, a sophomore accounting major, said.

Sheridan Hawkins, a sophomore entrepreneurship major, said she assumed the fire trucks were in response to a fire alarm as she did not see smoke coming from the house.

“[The firefighters] attempted to break through the door,” Hawkins said. “They were not able to get through the door at their first attempt so they went through the window.” 

Craig Peeps, the Kent fire lieutenant, said there was no fire found in the house, and instead, a fire alarm went off.

Firefighters respond to a pulled fire alarm during the March 9, 2024 Fake Paddy’s Day celebration. (Annemarie Karabinus)

At Phi Kappa Tau, Thomas Telegdy, a junior computer information system major, said after witnessing a car get towed at Dunkin’, he advised partygoers to have fun but be safe.

“I haven’t seen anyone get arrested yet… keyword yet,” Telegdy said.

Janson McNair is a campus editor. Contact him at [email protected]. Adriana Gasiewski is a beat reporter. Contact her at [email protected]

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