Best Place to Study


Students study on the fourth floor of the University Library on Friday, April 7, 2017. FILE.

Paige Bennett

Best of Kent 2019

Winner: University Library

With computers, a Starbucks and ample study space, the University Library remains the favorite place to study for the seventh year in a row. Open 24 hours a day most of the week, University Library provides students with convenient hours and access to many resources.

From the eighth floor, which is designated as a quiet study area, to the fourth floor, which has a lounge-style environment, the library has options for all visitors. Students can also reserve group study rooms, some equipped with whiteboards, to work on group projects.

The library provides students with study tools and resources, as well. Those looking for assistance can sign up for drop-in tutoring or schedule an appointment at the writing commons to get help on their papers. Students working on research projects can set up times to meet with a librarian, who will help them find resources, such as scholarly journals and data sets, to use for their assignments.

Students can access multimedia equipment and software in the library’s Student Multimedia Studio, where they can create graphics, animations, audio and video presentations, among other projects. Staff and peer mentors provide technology help to students.

 Second: Tree City Coffee & Pastry

With a fireplace, tables and couches and the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the air, Tree City Coffee & Pastry is a popular spot for studying and hanging out with friends. Not only does Tree City offer drinks, but the shop also has a variety of sandwiches and bagels.

Located in downtown Kent, this coffee shop was developed with the interests of students in mind, said Charlotte Varney, the assistant general manager. Prior to its opening, Tree City’s owners held focus groups with students to find out what they wanted from a coffee shop and used their feedback to help design it, Varney said.

Third: Scribbles Coffee Company

Over on North Water Street, Scribbles Coffee Company’s relaxed and inviting atmosphere makes it a popular study spot among students.

With an assortment of drinks and multiple seating areas, Scribbles provides students with a laid-back work environment that also fosters community and friendship. Beth Budzar, who co-owns the coffee shop with Jenn Richards, said Scribbles appeals to students because they become well-acquainted with each other the more often they visit the shop.

“I think that just having a place where you can study and have some quiet time but create a community as well,” Budzar said.