Kent Stop Talking Ep. 13: ‘I’m Not Tommy’

This week at Kent Stop Talking, we’re a mess: Nick sat at the turned-off mic, Scott tells a story about fixing a flat-flat tire, Adriona talks about her dreams and Cameron doesn’t even show up! The gang also discusses music streaming services, pretending to like bands to impress people and what celebrities we’d like to get a beer with! Sorry for the vomit talk!

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0:00: Vomiting?

2:45: Scott changes a tire for the first time, and other car troubles

17:30: Recurring dreams

29:30: “I’m Not Tommy”

32:15: Nick’s accidental YouTube Red subscription

33:30: The Great Music Streaming Service Debate

38:00: Music talk

43:45: Changing your taste to impress people

52:45: Get a beer with a celebrity