KSU Ashtabula wine program releases new ice wine


Kent State Ashtabula and Laurello Vineyard’s new ice wine, 17°.

Ellie Dundics

Kent State Ashtabula, in partnership with Laurello Vineyards, released its new ice wine, 17°.

This unique wine sells for $30 a bottle at Campus Wine Cellars and Cheesemonger in Kent and Laurello Vineyards in Geneva. The wine was released in January 2019. 

17° got its name from the fact that the grapes harvested for each bottle are naturally frozen at 17 degrees or below for a certain amount of time. The frozen grapes have a flavor of honey and apricot, making the wine unique not only for its concentration of the liquid, but also it’s taste, according to a KSUA Wines Press Release.

“We wanted to give an opportunity for students to have hands on time with the making of the wine, while also with the professors that teach the courses,” said Lori Lee, senior special assistant in academic affairs. “This gave insight of what it is like owning their own winery.”

17° is the third wine made from Kent State Ashtabula Wines. The first two − Sunburst, a Grand River Riesling, and Sunset, a vinifera blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc − were released in December 2017.

The Ashtabula wine program began during the 2011 fall semester, and has 25 active students. Classes are offered in a hybrid format where classes are online and students are required to spend two weekends at the Ashtabula campus.

The partnership with Laurello Vineyards dates back to November 2017, which has enhanced hands-on work for the students in the program.

Ellie is the regionals reporter. Contact her at [email protected].