Kent Stop Talking Ep. 11: Zak Bagans’ Cargo Pants

The crew is back for a new semester of Kent Stop Talking! The new (and old) hosts, Nick, Adriona, Scott and Cameron, are back on campus after kicking the Format into the Cuyahoga River, and they sat down to talk about Adriona’s vacation to Jamaica, whether Scott is a vampire, Zak Bagans’ cargo pants, astrology,  what we should name the episode, self care and more. Thank you for listening and enjoy the show! Listen to “KST Ep. 11: Zak Bagans’ Cargo Pants” on Spreaker.

3:25: Adriona’s Jamaican Getaway

7:10: Being on time and American culture

11:00 Vampire prevention/Is Scott a vampire?

17:05: Zak Bagans’ fashion choices

19:00: “Ocean Broccoli”

22:40: Changing our names

30:45: We look at baby pictures, for some reason

34:40: What happened to the Format?

36:00 A “teaser” for astrology talk

42:05: Scott does “The Waddle”

44:10: Little brothers playing Fortnite

48:25: Self-care tactics

58:10: Adriona’s mom talks about the weather