Holiday Gift Guide: Last Exit Books


A thermos from Last Exit Books

Simon Hannig

Looking for the perfect gift for someone? Well, come to Last Exit Books, where they have everything from books to thermos cups. This gift costs $7.50 and it is perfect for anybody.

With the wide range of gifts Last Exit has to offer for the holidays, they expect to get a lot of people coming to the store.

“All right. It’s a very well-respected store,” Ryan Gavalier said. “We have coffee, we have books. We have a record store down the street. There’s a lot of good items here, so during the Christmas season, I feel like a lot of people will be here getting gifts.”

The main Last Exit shop houses both the bookstore, where readers can browse a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction, and the coffee shop, one of the best coffee/study spots in town. At the vinyl store around the corner on Water Street, newer releases are sold alongside classic albums from artists of many genres.