Holiday Gift Guide: Off the Wagon


Off the Wagon’s jumbo bacon flavored candy cane

McKenna Corson

Having trouble deciding what to get your great Aunt Carol for Christmas when she just seems to have everything? Looking for something unique to make your job’s enforced gift exchange truly memorable while also keeping it under $10? Are you a big fan of eating your dinner and dessert at the same while also getting into the holiday spirit?

Even if you answered no, Off the Wagon has you covered for a perfect holiday gift: a jumbo bacon flavored candy cane. Ten inches of savory candy priced at $5.99, appealing to everyone with a taste for smoked bacony-goodness and the holidays’ favorite sweet treat: candy canes.

“It’s one of our most popular holiday items, and it’s kind of fun and funny at the same time,” Michelle Sahr, Off the Wagon’s owner, said. “People like humor at Christmas-time.”

Not a fan of bacon? No problem. Off the Wagon features a variety of candy cane flavors, including macaroni and cheese, rotisserie chicken and a special flavor perfect for that misbehaving, lazy son of yours who constantly talks back and is just like his no-good father: coal.

There’s even an unflavored version ‘bah humbug’ if you’re in the mood to be visited by pesky ghosts all Christmas Eve.

From Santa dreidels to solar-powered dancing Santas to candy shot glasses, Off the Wagon has an extensive supply of holiday-themed gifts able to bring the festivities and the laughs.

“It’s a really fun place to find little stocking stuffers,” Sahr said. We often have something humorous that makes a good gift for the hard to shop for, or there’s just a lot of things people just love cause they’re different, they’re weird and they’re unusual that you don’t see everywhere for sure.” 

Swing by while the bacon is still piping hot as Sahr predicts that due to the limited supply, the candy canes will go quick.