OPINION: The horror show in Jerry World

Dante Centofanti NEW Headshot

Dante Centofanti

The Dallas Cowboys had a decision to make on Nov. 8, 2010. After an abysmal 1-7 start in their new $1.2 billion stadium that would eventually host Super Bowl XLV, the Cowboys had just fired head coach Wade Phillips. Owner Jerry Jones named their offensive coordinator Jason Garrett as head coach and has been the leader for the organization throughout the decade.

Garrett has been a staple of the Cowboys organization for a long time. His father was a scout for years under Jones, and he provided many bright moments as a backup quarterback behind Troy Aikman.

Being head coach for a franchise like the Dallas Cowboys is more than a job. You are the leader of a team that produces the biggest national following in the NFL. The team is on national television almost every week, and you are the media’s target.

With it being spooky week at the Kent Stater, let me tell you a scary story that has been occurring over this decade in the NFL: The head coach of America’s Team has won one playoff game in seven seasons coaching.

How much more scary can it get when you’re being paid $30 million to go 8-8 multiple seasons and go 12-4 one season, then 4-12 the next?

Jones is a winner; he is an architect of a Super Bowl dynasty. He is convinced he can have the same thing with a coach like Garrett but the bottom line is he can’t.

The ‘90s Cowboys had a swag and essence to them led by a Hall of Fame coach in Jimmy Johnson. The confidence and leadership Johnson had was second to none, and you have a coach now in Jason Garrett who barely has confidence in his play calling.

It is absolutely clear to me Garrett needs to be fired as soon as the Cowboys season concludes. A new attitude is needed in this organization, where barely winning the division or getting to the playoffs is not enough.

The Cowboys fan base, as annoying of they are, deserve better. The Cowboys, right now, are not a mess as a team. They are 3-4 and tied for second in the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles and are taking the necessary steps by acquiring Pro Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper in a trade earlier this week. They are hoping to clean up a passing attack that has ranked near the bottom in yards.

Look, we all love the clapping memes on Twitter of Jason Garrett — they never get old. But a change needs to come with this team now. The Cowboys have gone from the pinnacle of the sport in the ‘90s to the laughingstock of a soap opera in the 2010s.

Jones needs to move on from Garrett and prove this is not a “good ol’ boy” organization. If not, he’ll continue to be Michael Myers to people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Dante Centofanti is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].