Beyond the Beat


Assata Imani Cheers

Dominique Gordon is a renowned MAC Makeup Artist and MUA Kent State Founding member. In this episode, she reveals her truth. Dom elaborates on her passion for makeup and her pain which lies beyond what meets the eye. Beyond the beat, she embraces her journey to self-care, self-love, and self-worth. Her relationship with God is strengthened daily and it is reflective in all of who she is. One thing that she has learned is: “you teach people how to treat you, by how you treat yourself.” Dom is an amazing, strong, unique woman and makeup artist.

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0:00 Introduction: MAC & MUA Kent State

6:12 Why makeup?

11:08 The Art of The Industry

15:00 Beyond the Beat: Self-care, Self-love

19:21 Dom’s Truth

23:48 #DoItForDev

29:38 God’s Plan/Iron sharpens Iron