The Three Stooges Movie Podcast #15 — Alien


Thank you for tuning into the Three Stooges Movie Podcast on KentWired! Join the guys this week as they battle their jet lag to talk about Superman, yell about what constitutes sci-fi and geek out over 1979’s “Alien.”

0:53 The guys talk about Henry and Cameron’s trip to Texas.

9:08 Henry Cavill is reportedly out as Superman in the DCEU.

17:15 Steven Soderbergh’s new movie is going to Netflix.

22:05 If Ben Affleck isn’t going to be Batman, who should be?

26:27 The guys try to talk about their favorite sci-fi movies but can’t agree on what sci-fi is. 

46:45 The Stooges nerd out over one of Cameron’s favorite movies, “Alien.”