Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking…About Conspiracy Theories!


Thanks for listening to the first episode of KentWired’s news and information podcast, Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent Stop Talking! Join host Nick Hunter and this week’s guests Scott Rainey and Cameron Gorman (plus Phantom of the Studio Adriona Murphy) as they discuss Taco Bell, lasagna, conspiracy theories and more.

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4:35: This week’s bad news, Taco Bell is the best Mexican fast food?


9:55: The good news: Tennessee trucker is saving busloads of cats from Hurricane Florence


14:00: Scott’s column: ‘‘Cause you had a bad day’


19:00: Cameron’s column: ‘Don’t forget the recipes’


24:20: What conspiracy theories could be real?


31:15: Nick’s theory: the NBA is scripted


45:15: Scott’s theory: Flat Earth!


52:50: Cameron’s theory: the Denver Airport conspiracy