Opinion: Five fun things to do on your first week back


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Cameron Gorman

Hey Flashes! I know you’re all ready to get back on campus and enjoy that late summer air, but before you start packing your suitcases or backpacks, why not make some plans for the week?

Might as well get out and enjoy the weather while everyone still cares enough about their appearances to wear nice clothes to class every day, right?

Well, I’ve taken the liberty of getting together some ideas for your “free time” on campus. (Yes, I know that doesn’t actually exist. What did you want me to call it, your “20 minutes between studying and running to class” time?) Here are five great ways to get out and get to know your campus and college on your first week back to these hallowed grounds of higher learning! (And overfilled trash cans.)

1. Go squirrel watching

The lush flora and fauna at Kent State is yours for the taking! Go ahead and take full advantage with a day of squirrel watching at one of the picnic tables near the student center. Don’t worry about telling the kinds of squirrels apart — most will be black. If you’re really lucky, you might see one with a donut in its mouth! How does he eat the whole thing? Your guess is as good as mine.

2. Wait in line at the Starbucks near the Center for Visual Arts

If you’re feeling up to it, take the hike to the CVA to visit the most recent addition to Kent State’s wide Starbucks family! Because this one is on campus and actually looks like a real Starbucks, be prepared to wait a very long time for your iced coffee. Don’t plan on buying anything, because it will probably be gone in… approximately two hours, bought by people with meal plans. Maybe bring an extra chair with you, too. It’s worth it for the glass walls!

3. Put your headphones in when walking to class and pretend you don’t see your classmates

Here’s an insider tip: When you’re walking to the library to bang out that paper due tomorrow, ignore people you sort-of-know-but-don’t-know-well-enough-to-talk-to by popping in your earbuds and staring straight ahead as you walk! Avoid that awkward “Hey, how are you?” conversation with a simple playlist. And if they text you later, you have a great excuse! Sorry, I didn’t hear you! Sure you didn’t!

4. Sit too close to someone on the PARTA bus

When it’s too hot, too cold, or you’re just too tired to make it around campus, why not try the PARTA bus system? It’ll get you around, just leave a bit early to give you time for the bus to idle at stops for a strange amount of time. And the best part, of course: When an empty row of seats opens up at a stop, you’ll want to switch so you can be more comfortable, but will be too nervous to move lest the person whose arm is brushing yours might think that you didn’t want to sit next to them and get offended.

5. Take the scenic route when running to your 7:45 class

Ah, the fresh, crisp air of almost-fall! What better way to enjoy it than rushing through campus at an awkward half-sprint on your way to your Monday 7:45? When you wake up, roll over and glance at your phone only to see that it’s nearly 7:20, pull on a pair of sweatpants, grab your flip-flops, and run out the door. The anxiety in your pace will be no match for the beautiful scenery.

So there you have it! Five very fun things to enjoy during your first week back to campus, all while you try not to mourn your carefree summer self too much. But really. Enjoy the community, the buzz in the air, the events and the food.

And while you’re strolling across the K this year and narrowly avoid that guy who was in your first-year science class, you know who to thank.

 Cameron Gorman is an opinion columnist. Reach her at [email protected]