Back-to-School Vibes

Brandon Wilson

  1. DJ E-V Featuring MGK and Lorine Chia- “Good Time”

           Cleveland is home to many winning names in sports and a population of hard-working and passionate fans who love and care about the city’s culture. Leave it up to DJ E-V, a popular DJ from Cleveland, to craft an energetic party jam with help from local hometown rapper MGK and the breezy smooth vocals of singer Lorine Chia. This is one song to play before every Cleveland pregame party for sporting events, back to school parties and summer barbecues. DJ E-V knows how to make a statement when it comes to Cleveland’s music culture and you can tell by listening to this song   The Land knows how to have fun and a good time!

  1. Kanye West- “Champion”

Kanye West’s third album, Graduation, was full of good vibes and beats so good that the album’s replay value went through the roof on various listens. “Champion”set the tone for the album and is classic Kanye delivering a certified banger that is perfect for any party and a great way to jump start any day. Kanye delivered a champion of a party jam that can be enjoyed by music fans everywhere.

  1. Wiz Khalifa Ft Iggy Azalea- “Go Hard Or Go Home”

                The Fast & Furious film franchise has always been high on full throttle action, comedy and suspense. Their soundtracks never disappoint and Fast and Furious films are often released just in time for the summer season. Wiz Khalifa and Iggy Azalea joined forces to create an epic summer anthem that is as high octane and fun as the Fast and Furious films. The chorus is catchy, and the song provides a beat that keeps the party going all day and night. This song is best enjoyed on a nice summer day. Go hard or go home when it comes to playing this jam.

  1. Chance The Rapper Ft   Knox Fortune- “All Night”

               Chance the Rapper released one of the greatest summer mixtapes of 2016 with Coloring Book.  There is no debate that Coloring Book was on heavy rotation during the summer of 2016. When I first heard the song “All Night” it was a feeling of pure joy. Everything about this song makes you want to dance the night away with friends. Chance the Rapper has always provided witty wordplay with his vocals and has an ear for legendary beats. “All Night” is one party hosted by Chance the Rapper with help from singer Knox Fortune that you don’t want to miss.

  1. Marcia Griffith- “Electric Boogie”


  Every wedding, house party, or family gathering calls for line dancing. There are many line dance songs performed by music artists from all forms of music genres and “Electric Boogie” is just a good time. Every time I hear this song it makes me want to dance. Marcia Griffith created a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by many generations of music fanatics. Thank you, Marcia Griffith for creating a line dance and bringing out the electric boogie inside of us all.

  1. Drake- “In My Feelings”

         Drake is back with his new album Scorpion which is full of summer anthems and “In My Feelings” is a certified summer bangers. The song generated a viral sensation known as “The Shiggy Dance” created by Instagram user theshiggyshow. Drake also featured the viral dance in his music video for “In My Feelings”. The song has a massive following and is a summer anthem that holds its own. Drake has once again provided fans with another chart-topping hit that is a classic summer song for everyone to love.

  1.  Poison- “Nothing But A Good Time”

Poison released a classic party anthem that can generate nights of singing along to the catchy chorus. The beat throughout the song makes for fun times to be had with friends and family. Poison are true legends of rock, and every time I hear this song and it’s nothing but a good time.   Poison knows how to rock a party.

  1. Jean Knight- “Mr. Big Stuff”

Jean Knight created old-school vibes and smooth party beats with this song.  “Mr. Big Stuff” is one of those songs that is perfect to listen to in a car at night while driving through the city. The vocals and groovy beats make you want to dance and snap your fingers with the windows down and let the cool summer breeze surround you. It is one of the classic old-school party jams that is certainly repeat worthy and fun.

  1.  The Carters Ft Pharrell- “Nice”

The mega music superstar couple The Carters (Jay-Z and Beyoncé) are both known for their chart-topping albums and singles. Both have sold out arenas and have embarked on many business ventures. This summer the couple released the album Everything Is Love.  The album is a great, displaying Jay-Z’s flawless rap bars and the beautiful vocals of Beyoncé, who even raps at times throughout the album. The song “Nice” features rap, vocals and production by Pharrell Williams. It is a certified bass-heavy summer anthem that should be played in your car. The song is catchy and each artist gets to shine on the song. The Carters get it right and the song is super nice.

  1.  The Chainsmokers Ft Halsey- “Closer”

 There is always that one song that grabs your attention and creates waves of emotions upon hearing the song for the first time. If I was to describe the feeling of listening to “Closer” by The Chainsmokers for the first time I can tell you that the experience was a feeling of pure audio nirvana. I can imagine hearing the song live with an energetic crowd would be an epic experience.  The Chainsmokers have garnered many chart-topping hits and generated their share of summer anthems and this song is still a summer anthem to play at parties. The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s vocals flow perfectly with the addictive beat. “Closer” is a legendary summer anthem that can played for many summers to come.

Brandon Wilson is a digital correspondent. Contact him at [email protected].