Brandon “Smooth” Wilson Presents R&B Nighttime Classics

Manhattans art

Brandon Wilson

1. The Manhattans- Start All Over Again

This classic song by The Manhattans gives old-school R&B mixed with smooth vocals. The Manhattans are known for creating soulful melodies. Their albums transport the listener to paradise. “Start All Over Again” is one of those songs that seems to lure you into the romantic landscape of a room that has a fireplace and view overlooking city skyscrapers at night with the love of your life. This song is as smooth as it gets. The smooth melodic arrangements of the instruments are perfection. It’s worth noting that this song appears on the classic album by The Manhattans, “Forever by Your Side”. The album is full of fantastic smooth R & B ballads. So raise a glass to many romantic nights to the smooth sounds of “Start All Over Again”.

2. Freddie Jackson- Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)  

There comes a time when the night calls for some smooth dancing with, and you just want to set the mood right. Leave it up to Freddie Jackson to provide the soundtrack to an evening of smooth romantic dancing. This song does its job of delivering the romantic mood and soundscape to get the night started. There is no denying the powerful chorus of “Rock Me Tonight for Old Times Sake” gets things going. Freddie Jackson created a masterpiece with this song. I’m sure this song has been mentioned in many conversations when it comes to discussing the greatest slow jams of all time. Next time somebody catches your eye at your favorite spot, be sure to play “Rock Me Tonight” on the jukebox and let Freddie Jackson’s smooth vocals jumpstart a night of dancing.

 3. The Bee Gees- Paradise

When the movie Saturday Night Fever was released, there was one iconic song that people remember, “Staying Alive” performed by The Bee Gees. It was an energetic, feel-good song. Then there was “Paradise” by The Bee Gees. Paradise is a great mix of funk and a smooth ballad. The song captures the feeling of a being a room with disco lights swirling. The Bee Gees do not disappoint with this song and the vocals are out of this world. The song is almost cinematic in nature and soothing at the same time. It is quite the “Paradise” listening to this amazing ballad.

4. Kane Brown-  Better Place

Country music compositions bring memories of music festivals in the summer. Kane Brown is a name to know in the country music scene. Kane Brown has become a fan favorite in the music scene and his hit song “What If’s” with another popular country star, the talented Lauren Alaina. blazed across the country music charts in 2017. Kane Brown has made a name for himself creating classic country melodies and the song “Better Place’’ is a definition of a smooth country ballad. The song is perfect to listen to on starry summer nights while lying on the grass or hood of the car looking at the stars. It’s one of those country ballads that gets your attention and eases you into feel-good territory. The guitars and drum beats are perfectly in-sync with Kane Brown’s smooth vocals.

 5. Sade – No Ordinary Love

“No Ordinary Love” is a classic ballad that relaxes you from beginning to end. Sade’s soothing vocals are the highlight of the song. If you’re a fan of slow songs that are perfect to listen to during a quiet, rainy evening, this is the song for you. The song is the opening track from Sade’s classic album “Love Deluxe”. You owe it to yourself to hear the whole album. The jazzy vibes of “No Ordinary Love’s” composition coupled with Sade’s sultry smooth voice is the perfect companion to a quiet evening of smooth music.  

6. Mariah Carey- Always Be My Baby

Mariah Carey has always graced the music scene with hits. Mariah is a Grammy winning musician known for her high notes. “Always Be My Baby” is one those songs by Mariah that is part ballad with tones of pop and R&B spread throughout the song. The amazing production by popular music producer and rapper Jermaine Dupri and Mariah’s beautiful melodic singing makes the song shine. The song was nominated for “Best Female R & B Vocal Performance” at the 38th Grammy Awards in 1995 and the song was also featured on the album “Daydream” which was nominated for “Best Album of the Year in 1995.”

7. Drake Ft Static Major, Ty Dolla Sign- After Dark

When Drake announced the title to his new album, “Scorpion”, music fans went into a frenzy. When the album Scorpion was released on June 29, I was excited to hear the double album. The album displayed Drake’s rapping and singing talents. The album is a classic and the song “After Dark” from the singing portion of the album does not disappoint. It is one of those jams that brings a smooth vibe and makes you want to sit back and just vibe with the beat and vocals. Drake showcases his singing talents on a groovy music beat that is sure to be played all summer long.

8. Khalid – Coaster

Khalid made a name for himself when he emerged on the music scene with his debut “American Teen”, which features chart topping songs “Location” and “Young, Dumb and Broke”. His laid- back vocals along with feel-good beats and ballads are what made Khalid generate a buzz in the music scene. I’ll never forget the summer of 2017 was the summer I called “the summer of Khalid” because Khalid’s music was getting plenty of radio play and he also released a collaborative summer anthem with popular music artist Marshmallow titled “Silence”. The song “Coaster” is so smooth and laid-back. It has the vibe of a smooth, breezy summer evening.     The many different instruments do a great job of bringing the song its summer atmospheric vibe. Khalid is a name to know and he’s making great music.

9. Jodeci –U & I

There is no debate when it comes to what R & B music group brought new jack swing music mixed with smooth R&B that appealed to many music fans of both music genres. Jodeci created the classic hits “Forever My Lady” and “Freek N You”. Jodeci’s albums and ballads have always been the soundtrack to many romantic occasions. “U & I” is a beautiful song that can be played at weddings or any romantic evening. Everything about this song is the definition of a true ballad; from the vocals, to jazzy horn solos and instrumentation, “U & I” is one of the classic R&B songs from the 90’s era of good old-school slow jams.

10. Lenny Williams – Cause I Love You

“Cause I Love You” is as old-school soul as it gets. It is a classic ballad that crowds of people love. The song brings a vibe of soul vibes mixed with the Motown sound and it is a great song to add to your musical collection. You can never go wrong with singing this classic ballad to your love. “Cause I Love You” is perfect to hear on any occasion.

Brandon Wilson is a digital correspondent. Contact him at [email protected].