REVIEW: They’ve done it again! ‘Incredibles 2’ is this summer’s hit


Incredibles 2

Alex Novak

All good things come to those who wait, and with the 14-year wait between “Incredibles 2” and its notably critically acclaimed predecessor, it is now sure to be a summer blockbuster and universally enjoyable film for moviegoers of all ages.

This is a movie that undoubtedly holds a rare accomplishment, especially for an animated film series: it is as good, if not better than the original. You can sense it from the fast-paced opening sequence and the nostalgic feel it’s subconsciously lined with.

Surely, for weeks to come, you can expect to see theaters lined with young adults moving through the long lines with young new fans for a rerun of their childhood in Disney-Pixar’s latest blockbuster hit.

If there is one thing to be certain of with this film is that it is definitely worthy of a theatrical viewing. This fully-packed bundle of fun will be sure to deliver more than its fair share of moments that will earn both thunderous applause and uncontainable laughter from a crowd swept away in sheer delight.

“It’s worth it,” the cast assures us beforehand in a energetic message that only builds on the anticipation, and our long, hopeful wait for another visit to their incredible world (pun intended) is a safe bet to delight fans with pure joy.

Returning the same, solid ensemble cast again along with some new characters and the steady hand of Brad Bird in direction, the plot of this film almost predictably feels too good to be true.

Seamlessly woven in between all the laughs and thrills, all the twists and turns provide a story that is stupendously satisfying. It takes back its claim, additionally to raising the question of a public’s well being with superheroes included in it and how the powers they possess present the fine line of a double edged sword.

Furthermore, the story it tells moves superbly, never hitting a dull moment, and showcasing that an animated film done exceptionally well can sometimes provide a story with a little more than and 80 or 90 minute runtime.

This film should be applauded for the outstanding playful fun it showcases of a total role reversal: mom at work while dad remains at home with the kids. It is essential comedy that also allows everyone to discover the ultimate thrill of them all, a very super baby Jack Jack, who has even more powers then we could imagine.

Ultimately packed into all of these entertaining action-packed sequences and mysterious new characters, the balance with a movie that is truly for the whole family perfectly suits its Father’s day weekend release.

Do not be fooled by the trailers, as Elastigirl is not the star here, but rather a soaring story of an entire family placed in new and exciting, but sometimes uneasy times of change and uncertainty.

In the end, like most families, no matter how messy, they can all come together and do what is needed to survive out of love and understanding of each other.

“Incredibles 2” is the result of years of hard work to bring together a project that is undeniably great and will be a gigantic success sure to delight moviegoers everywhere by surpassing even the highest of expectations with a phenomenally fun movie.

Alex Novak is an entertainment reviewer. Contact him at [email protected].