Jukebox the Ghost performs at Beachland Ballroom

Jukebox the Ghost brought their talent to Beachland Ballroom on their Off To The Races tour May 15. The band consists of three members: Ben Thornewill, vocalist and pianist; Tommy Siegel, vocalist and guitarist; and Jesse Kristin, on drums. On the Off To The Races tour, Jukebox the Ghost is accompanied by The Greeting Community. During their Cleveland date, Los Angeles-based band, Future Feats, additionally opened for Jukebox the Ghost.

Future Feats bring a new pop sound to alternative. The band recently released their song, “Same Mistakes” in February available on media streaming services now. During the show, the band passionately displayed their talent as the crowd began to grow excited for the next act.

The Greeting Committee was next to hit the stage. Lead singer, Addie Sartino energetically jumped onto stage ready to start their set. Sartino holds a unique strong and tender voice that creates a welcoming vibe for the band. The band was energetic throughout their entire set. They consistently encouraged audience members to jump and enjoy their time, creating a connection with the audience. Their energy radiated throughout their entire performance. Not a single member of the band stood still. During their performance, band members regularly swapped instruments with one another. Band member, Piece Turcotte, created excitement throughout the crowd by bringing a saxophone onto stage. Sartino danced around the stage causing the audience to do the same. The Greeting Committee recently released their upbeat song titled, “17” in April and are planning to release more music soon.

Soon Jukebox the Ghost took the stage while the Star Wars theme song rang throughout the venue leading into their first song of the night, “Jumpstarted.” This song brings together piano and a familiar feeling 80s electronic vibe; this is the best way to describe the sound of all their music. What makes their music unique is their focal instrument–the piano. Most artists use the guitar as their main instrument and put piano as a support however, the keys bring a fresh new sound that lifts your mood.

When listening to their music, the deja vu feeling hits hard. This is due to the use of samping the group does (sampling is the act of taking a portion, or sample, of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song or piece.) This technique is most notable in their song “Stay the Night”; a song about being in the moment of your youth. In this song, one can feel nostalgic as they listen to sounds paying homage to Journey’s 1981 song “Don’t Stop Believing.” They even saluted to Journey in the lyrics of the song with the words “I’m singing to Journey of the highway, I’m still believing, I’m still believing.” This really brought a warm feeling to the heart. The best part of the night may have been one the rest of the audience missed. In the front row stood two young girls with their mother eagerly watching the set.

Jukebox the Ghost was clearly into interacting and connecting with their audience, including these young girls. During their song, “Boring,” pianist and singer, Ben Thornehill, had personal moments with the two girls making them feel welcomed in an environment consisting of mostly teenagers and grown adults. “Boring” lyrically discusses growing old and losing the enjoyment of childhood. Thornehill must have felt the adventurous drive of the girls, and felt the connection to the lyrics written.

This moment felt so pure and really showed who the band was as human beings–genuine. This is really refreshing in today’s world where there is so much disconnect with artists and their fans.

Check out Jukebox The Ghost’s recently released album “Off To The Races” and find a song that strongly resonates with you.

Madison Brattoli and MacKenzie Michalojko are general assignment reporters. Contact them at [email protected] and [email protected]