Summit Street construction to end beginning next fall

Moira Reed

Construction between Janik Drive and Fraternity Circle will resume and last until the end of the spring semester, which will cause a one-way road closure.

Students, faculty and visitor drivers will be expected to use Risman Drive to access the Kent Student Center parking lot.

“We are going to keep open access for students to park and enter the Student Center,” said City of Kent Engineering division director James Bowling. “Right now we are finishing the building of the south side of the roundabout. Therefore, the north side area will always be open.”

The road closure pertains to the projects overall goal of reducing road congestion, providing safety and better access for students and faculty on Kent’s campus, according to Bowling.

Off campus residents look forward to next year and their commutes to get to classes.

“I am thrilled to hear that there will be an end to the project,” said sophomore managerial marketing major Maria Zezzo. “I will be living on Lincoln again next year, so I am looking forward to less traffic and road detours. My roomates and I have figured out different ways to get home within the last year. That has definitely been an inconvenience.”

For some students, getting around campus hasn’t been easy.

“It has been a little difficult to properly cross the street in order to get to some of my classes due to the construction and lack of access to pedestrian crossing signals,” said senior public health major Lydia Stephens.

Plans may be subject to change if weather issues arise within the next few weeks, but the construction being done to Janik Drive and Fraternity Circle is the final phase of the Summit Street project, Bowling said.

Once students return to campus in the fall, minor details and construction such as, fixing or repairing sidewalks that got damaged during construction will most likely be completed.

“These repairs will be location specific and will be determined after Phase II of the Summit Street Improvement Project finishes this summer,” Bowling said.

Students are directed to plan alternative travel routes for the next month to prevent any unwanted inconvenience.

Bowling said that all one-way closures will end before fall semester.

“Our goal is to make sure two-way lane traffic is accessible for the busy start of the school year, especially for the new commuter freshmen students,” Bowling said.

Moira Reed is the construction reporter. Contact her at [email protected].