Our View: KSU’s Turning Point USA chapter becomes Twitter’s latest joke

Last week, a member of Kent State’s Turning Point USA chapter briefly became a Twitter celebrity, but not for the right reasons.

The member posted a picture of an essay written by her classmate for a core college writing class, which, given the array of blue marks covering the three-page work, was not well-received by the course’s professor. Titled “Standing Up For Freedom,” the paper argued that protesting the national anthem is unacceptable and ultimately disrespectful to the country’s military and veterans. The now-infamous tweet argued that the the professor was overly critical of the paper because of the stance of the author, not the writing itself.

Most Twitter users who saw the tweet before it was deleted know the inverse was the case. The professor, in fact, did not comment on the author’s stance, but rather objectively critiqued the grammatical and argumentative inconsistencies of the paper.

Instead of elaborating on our view as the editorial board of The Kent Stater, we thought turning to ever-entertaining Twitter and its responses to the tweet would be most effective.