REVIEW: ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ did not miss the climax


Fifty Shades Freed

Maria McGinnis

The final installment of the “Fifty Shades” trilogy made it to the theater this weekend, and it may have been the sexiest, most thrilling movie in the series.

Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson) and the elusive Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) are now married, and living lavishly in the Grey penthouse.

The movie follows the two as they experience their new married life, which is nothing but extraordinary. They tackle simplicities such as joint checking accounts and cooking dinner, to the always exciting trips to the “red room.”

This final installment reintroduces the conflict caused by the vengeful Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson) in the previous movie “Fifty Shades Darker.” Hyde is after everything Mr. and Mrs. Grey own, so much so he isn’t afraid to resort to violent tendencies that turn this movie into a real thriller.

There are high speed chases, guns, kidnappings and the expected sexual tension that defines the franchise.

These new aspects to the movie will introduce the audience to a deeper plot aside from the sex scenes and array of grey ties.

The movies are only enjoyed by a select audience. Some view the books and movies as masochistic. Others see a different approach to the BDSM lifestyle, which is certainly not for everyone.

Despite the typical controversy, fans of the books and movies will appreciate the ending of the trilogy.

In fact, the dynamic of Christian Grey may be the most appetizing aspect of the film.

He goes from the controlling, aloof, “billionaire bad boy,” seen in the first two movies, to a married and humble father of two.

This dynamic keeps the audience engaged and on the edge of their seat, unsure of whether this new “suburban” lifestyle will be fit for Mr. Grey.

He soon ditches his controlling notion that Ana’s life should “begin and end” with him, and embraces his new life with an open mind.

That being said, some parts of the film may seem a bit exasperated at times. There are only so many times that we can see Christian and Ana have a steamy sex scene with The Weeknd playing in the background.

Although for those who have been waiting for this final installment, each scene will have intricately displayed the Grey’s new lives, and brought this roller-coaster of a series to a calm end.

If you’re a fan of Fifty Shades, “don’t miss the climax.”

Maria McGinnis is an entertainment reviewer. Please contact her at  [email protected].