Why J. Cole is one of the best rappers

Simon Hannig

J. Cole of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is one of the best rappers in today’s game. He’s gone platinum with all four of his studio albums, which include “Cole World: The Sideline Story,” “Born Sinner,”  “2014 Forest Hills Drive” and “4 Your Eyez Only.”

His first studio album was “Cole World: The Sideline Story.” The album breaks down where he came from and how he got to the position he was in, and he touches on a bunch of different topics.

Born Sinner” showed him in a negative place. The album flows from darkness and depression to happiness at the end.

“2014 Forest Hills Drive” is the address of his childhood home in Fayetteville. This album talks about his childhood and what he went through.

“4 Your Eyez Only” is the title of his fourth studio album. The theme of the album is pretty much this: There is only one song coming from Cole’s perspective, and the song is based around true events that happened to Cole. Most of the album is coming from his friend who was murdered, and he wanted Cole to share his story. 


Cole’s personality, meaning in songs and as a rapper, is shaky and all over the place at times. Especially in features on songs, his flow does not mesh well. It just depends on what type of song and what type of artist’s song he features on. When he solos, his flow and delivery are great. As for his brand, it is one of the most respected in the music industry. He has built a very reputable brand, and it is only growing bigger each and every day. On this category, I would score Cole at 15/20.


This is a very important category for liking any artist. Relatability is pretty much how much you can relate to the artist and if you are feeling the same way. In my opinion, I can relate to Cole pretty well in most of his songs and the message that he brings. I think this is why Cole has a large and loyal fan base. 20/20


I feel like Cole is a different rapper than a lot out there today. Cole does not really do the mainstream music a lot of artists are doing, and that makes him distinct. He is also away from the spotlight, which many rappers are not. Cole wants to be away from the spotlight, when a majority of the rappers love to be in the spotlight. 15/20


As for this category, I think he is one of the best rappers alive. As far as I am concerned, he and Kendrick Lamar are the top two rappers. As I have said before, he is a great lyricist who knows how to tell a great story. My only issue is how his flow is choppy at times when he features in songs with other different artists. I think he meshes well with and flows well with some artists, and sometimes he doesn’t with others. 17/20 


I think Cole’s purpose is to tell his story, make great music and bring joy to his fans every time they listen to him. Cole does exactly this with his music and his fans. I always hear Cole is one of the best performers, and it will be one of the best concerts you have been to. I believe that. I have never been to a Cole concert, but my goal is to go to one. 20/20

Total: 87/100

The best is still yet to come.

And that is scary.

Simon Hannig is a copy editor. Contact him at [email protected].