Opinion: The ultimate guide to fangirling


Mica Pflug

Mica Pflug

Everyone has a favorite artist. Perhaps it’s someone you’ve followed since you were 12 years old, an artist whose content started off as good and has only gotten better throughout the years or perhaps they just seem like a good person overall. Maybe their music speaks to you, or maybe they seem to always give more to society than they take.

I personally feel silly about idolizing any one person, but for someone who encompasses all of the characteristics listed above, I’ve allowed myself to make an exception and unapologetically fangirl at 19 years old over my favorite person and role model in today’s music.

I had the awesome opportunity this past week to meet and attend the show of my favorite artist, Macklemore. I’ve admired his work throughout the past years, both as an artist and as an advocate for equality and other social issues. I had the pleasure of seeing him live in concert, and I was also fortunate enough to meet him in person.

Not to be dramatic, but this was probably the best night of my life. I enjoy attending concerts as much as the next guy, and I typically would not go out of my way to meet someone famous, but to me, this guy was well worth it.

Everyone has a favorite artist, whether it’s someone whose songs give you chills or whose presence in society makes you weirdly proud of them. Allow yourself to admire that person. I promise it’s not weird unless you are a psycho fan, then it definitely is for everyone.

Keep it real.

If your concert ends up being a bit of a drive away like mine (I had to go to Pittsburgh because he didn’t have any Cleveland concerts.) You’re going to want to give yourself plenty of time to get there. It may be torture sitting through your morning classes when you know what you’ll be doing about eight hours from then, but be patient, plan accordingly and make sure to pee before you leave.

Seriously, take my advice on that one.

Go ahead and spend the extra money to attend the meet-and-greet if that’s what you want to do. I spent about $150 to meet Macklemore, take a picture with him and stand 20 feet from the stage while watching the best show I’ve ever seen. Take that chance, spend the money, drive wherever. You may only get that chance once.

To have the best concert experience, dance like there’s no one next to you, take all the photos and videos you want and scream the lyrics to your favorite songs as loud as you can. Be alert, aware and present.

But most importantly, have fun. If you ever do get an opportunity to meet that one person who you would love to meet, revel in it for as long as you can. It really is the experience of a lifetime.

Mica Pflug is a columnist, contact her at [email protected].