Opinion: Let’s move on from impeachment talks

Maddie Newingham

Maddie Newingham

Unfortunately, President Donald Trump will likely not be impeached.

While Trump has done things which are arguably impeachable, his actions are unprecedented. We have to remember we cannot impeach someone with only the reason that we find him unlikable.

The 25th Amendment, which could allow the Cabinet to essentially vote out Trump with ratification by Congress, is just as unlikely as impeachment.

On top of it all, Vice President Mike Pence is not better than Trump. While he may be predictable, he has a strong, right-leaning agenda. While he was a weak governor in Indiana, he pushed for a radical anti-choice agenda, which propelled the frequency of pregnancy, abortion and HIV within his own state.

While the current president is a madman, Democrats have a better chance with a president who does not know how to be a president than a man who has served in the executive branch. Pence would not be better for the country considering his former performances.

The government also does not want to look bad by impeaching Trump. Yes, we project an embarrassing front having elected an incompetent president; however, impeaching a president looks historically worse than our pain right now.

I would love to dump Trump as much as the next guy because he is so unbelievably unfit to serve, but Republicans in Congress will not act on that hunch.

We have seen our disappoint and Republicans’ repeated inaction over these past few months. Republicans fail to reject a man who speaks so crudely about women and sexual assault, calls Mexicans rapists and questions the birth of President Obama for only the reason that he is black.

So, I encourage everyone to put pressure on their elected officials to propel our causes. Call and demand action on sensible gun laws, for example. If enough people put pressure on their representatives, that voice cannot go ignored.

It may sound ridiculous, but we have to pressure and empower establishment Republicans to defy Trump’s radical agenda, especially with issues such as DACA. Even Paul Ryan does not stand for Trump’s position on kicking out Americans to countries they have never been. When we have bipartisan support against the president, we must do something.

We cannot get anything done by complaining about a person’s character. We cannot divide the vote with third party protest votes. We cannot sit back and hold our moral compass high and forfeiting our vote to the other side. 

We just have to vote for an inspiring Democratic nominee and stand for sensible policy.

Maddie Newingham is a columnist. Contact her at [email protected].