Opinion: Without Democrats, the right has no scapegoat

Drew Taylor

Recently, Fox News hosted Corey Lewandowski, the former campaign manager for President Donald Trump, to speak on the network.

Lewandowski was invited to defend Trump from recent criticism. and in particular, the latest news in Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged foreign intervention during the election.

During this, Lewandowski said instead of focusing on Trump, the American people should be focusing their criticism on “the continued lies of the Clinton administration.”

First of all, there is no such thing as the “Clinton administration,” as Clinton did not win, nor is she in any sort of political position at the moment.

Second, this is a common view from many on the right. Americans need to be focusing on the problems of Clinton and the rest of the Democrats, which begs the question: Why?

Why should people be focusing on Clinton, who does not hold office at any level, or the Democratic Party?

The Republican Party currently holds the presidency, the majority in both houses in Congress, the majority of governorships and the majority of state legislatures.

They could easily be passing the laws they have been wanting to implement at the federal and state level now. So, why do Republicans want us to focus on Clinton and other Democrats?

Because they need a boogeyman, and right now they no longer have one.

When Obama was president, it was great for some Republican politicians. All they had to do was point to the White House and complain to get people in their corner. Whether it was hyping up the fears of the Affordable Care Act or playing the “socialist” card, they used Obama to scare voters onto their side.

During the election, they had Clinton do the same. But when she lost, they lost their boogeyman to scare people.

We see liberals and left-wing media doing the same now with Trump. MSNBC ratings have risen thanks to having their own scare tactics.

But for some reason, it feels especially pathetic the GOP is trying to use someone who isn’t in office, or even running for office, as their boogeyman figure.

They have the votes to pass their legislation, as unpopular as it is, but they seem more interested in playing victim and trying to alarm citizens about the dangers of Democrats.

After all, it seems to be what they are good at.

It is not just politicians, it’s right-wing media as well. Fox News was in great shape when Obama was president, as they hyped up fears of Obama and Democrats every single day. Whether it was Benghazi, health care or gun rights, they were able to hype up fears.

Clinton took the place of Obama for about two years, and then they no longer had anyone. I absolutely believe many of them privately wish Trump lost so they could have continued to hype up fears for ratings instead of having to attempt to be a positive outlet for the current administration.

None of this is surprising; however, it is disappointing. If Republicans and other right-wing media wanted to prove their complaints for years were for the good of America, they have failed miserably.

Drew Taylor is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].