Our View: An open letter to anti-Dreamers

Hey anti-Dreamers,

Your exceptionalism is showing.

In your misguided effort to “Make America Great Again,” you’ve decided to jeopardize the future of hardworking Dreamers. The people that your government is removing from this country are the same people keeping the American Dream intact, families who came here with nothing in the hopes of building a better life.

The striking irony is that the Dreamers under threat of deportation after President Donald Trump rolled back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, philosophically speaking, are the most American of Americans.

Just less than a century ago, the United States was a beacon of hope, a place for members of the international community to seek a safe haven from disastrous conditions overseas.

When those same immigrants came to America, many came through Ellis Island. Lady Liberty watched from less than a mile away, urging the world to send its “homeless,” and “tempest-tossed” while promising a better tomorrow.

Today, immigrants continue to come because America can still be that better tomorrow. They come because they want to work with the blue-collar mentality that shaped the attitude of this entire nation that was forged in its colonial roots.

When the Trump administration tries to tell people who try to travel here under the guise of the American Dream that we won’t accept their exhaustive pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, Americans need to emphasize that such a policy contradicts our most basic principles.

In his effort to “Make American Great Again,” President Trump might just be choosing the most un-American route available.