Kent is home to many local coffee shops

Senior Marrisa Shepard and sophomore Antonio DeJesus prepare coffee at Scribbles Coffee on Saturday, April 15, 2017.

Holli Phillips

To get through stressful days of studying, junior architectural studies major Brad Reuschling — like many college students — needs coffee.

Caffeine in coffee helps retain information for over 24 hours when cram studying, according to research from the University of Baltimore.

The city of Kent is home to a few local coffee shops.

Reuschling said he loves to spend his time at Bent Tree Coffee Roasters.

“I love this place because it is very low key, and many people don’t come here since it is kind of on the outside of downtown,” Reuschling said. “It is quiet enough for me to focus and comfortable enough for me to want to spend time there. Plus, they have great and always fresh coffee.”

Bent Tree Coffee Roasters sells a variety of their very own home roasted coffee beans, and many local businesses sell Bent Tree’s coffee.

Brenna Rettberg, a senior integrated studies major and employee of Bent Tree, said she loves Bent Tree’s beans.

“We sell our beans as mass products to some local restaurants and shops like Wild Goats and Last Exit Books,” Rettberg said. “Our shop also definitely smells the best because we roast the coffee right by the door, so the first thing you smell when you walk in is fresh roasted coffee, and nothing smells better than that.”

Rettberg said students tend to order the maple syrup latte the most from Bent Tree.

“The maple syrup latte is by far our most popular drink,” Rettberg said. “It is sweet, delicious and gives the boost you need to get through the day.

Neighboring Bent Tree Coffee Roasters is local Scribbles Coffee Co.

Scribbles, as part of its namesake, has scratch papers on all the tables, accompanied by crayons for customers to doodle with.

Jocelyn Grimaldi, senior communications major, said she loves Scribbles’ coffee and that they do a great job in supporting local artists.

“I love that this shop almost promotes creativity because they provide you with crayons and paper to express yourself,” Grimaldi said. “The shop always has different art hanging around from local artists to show support of the Kent community.”

Scribbles’ employees work hard to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere with a relaxing aesthetic to maintain a calm environment for customers who are looking to study.

“We strive to create a place that people feel comfortable in and want to spend their time at,” said Scribbles employee Lindsay Parsons. “If there is something you want that is not on our menu, we will make it for you without a problem because we want you to feel comfortable here and have the best experience possible.”

Best known for its Jr. Bolts, Scribbles makes them fresh from natural and organic ingredients.

“You can’t get these delicious Bolts anywhere else in Kent,” Parsons said. “We have 10 different flavors made from spices that are beneficial to the body. My favorite flavor is the cacao and coconut oil combination.”

In the heart of Downtown Kent resides Tree City Coffee, voted Kent’s best coffee shop 5 years in a row by the Kent Stater, as noted on the shop’s website.

“This is my favorite place to go and study. It has a very modern feel with calm lighting that makes it easy to dive into your books,” said senior nutrition major Drew Abbas. “They also have wine and beer if you feel like you need to let loose while studying and hanging out.”

Known for its home roasted coffee and food, Tree City makes many sandwiches and snacks fresh for its customers.

“You get the best of everything here. We have a variety of food that makes our place like a cafe because you can eat, hangout, study and drink coffee,” said Michaelia Skleres, Tree City employee. “We have a cool and calm vibe and even open up our garage windows to allow our customers to get fresh air while hanging out.”

Iced caramel and maple macchiatos hold the spot of the most popular drinks on Tree City’s list.

Close to campus resides two chain coffee shops — Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts

Starbucks is located right outside of front campus by Campus Book and Supply.

“Our store is in the prime location for campus,” said Maddie Hogan, senior business management major. “We have plenty of quiet space upstairs for students to study and hangout.”

Hogan said their Starbucks location’s best selling drinks are its caramel macchiatos and the new strawberry pineapple tea.

Dunkin Donuts resides right across the street from Rockefeller Hall. This location has an upstairs study area and includes a drive thru option for those who don’t want to go inside.

Holli Phillips is the health and wellness reporter. Contact her at [email protected].