Useful smartphone apps for students

Lydia Taylor

Between balancing classes, extracurriculars and possibly a job or two, there are a few applications students can use to help ease their work load. 


This free smartphone application helps college students by creating electronic flashcards quicker and easier. Students can organize flash cards by class or exam simply by creating a new group. These cards are also saved, so students don’t have to recreate them. An added bonus of this app is students may have already created flashcards for the course in need of studying for, so the course can be searched to see if the cards currently exist from another student.

Slack and Groupme

These applications are free and good for communicating. GroupMe is helpful at managing many groups at once, while Slack is used mainly for workplace ordeals or project planning. Slack also has a channel system. Once the channel is created, a student can create smaller channels within the main channel. These applications help busy college students balance tasks and stay organized.


Venmo is a free application that lets students transfer money to another source straight from their card or bank account. It’s quicker for those who need to pay for rent on time or pay someone back.


It’s important to get in daily exercise and for busy students who can’t get to the gym or away from the books, this application may come in handy. It’s a free application that provides different exercises depending on what is needed: Arms, legs, core or cardio. The workouts last for however long the user chooses, whether it’s five minutes or ten minutes. Sworkit shows the user a short tutorial before each of the exercises start. These exercises can be done almost anywhere — in the residence hall, in a hallway, between classes or whenever needed. 


One task students face while they’re in college is budgeting, but don’t worry, there’s an app to help with that, too. Mint allows people to gauge what they’ll need for each category, whether it’s groceries, rent or save for spending money. Like Venmo, it allows you to securely put in bank information, which will help to accurately budget with how much is in the account. Students can also track transactions as well as set reminders for themselves.


Stress is a factor when in college, whether it’s keeping up with homework or studying for exam. For those who want an interesting way to relax, this app helps with guided meditation. Students can pick how long they wish to meditate for, and a voice-over on the app will speak instructions.

Lydia Taylor is the editor-in-chief. Contact her at [email protected].