Opinion: Dear America, racism is racism is racism


Alex Kamczyc

Alex Kamczyc

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Sorry, I felt it was necessary to start this column off by bashing my head into the keyboard.

The reason I felt it was necessary was because of the profound idiocracy surrounding the events that took place last weekend.

You know, when white nationalists and white supremacists and Donald Trump supporters and alt-righters decided to get together and insight violence in protest to the removal of a confederate memorial in Charlottesville, Virginia?

But what I’m really smashing my head on the keyboard for is the ignorance that President Trump and a bunch of other people continue to show throughout dealing with the aftermath of the protests.

The same arguments, like, “Not all of them were racist,” “My son was only there to support Trump,” and other excuses are, quite frankly, bullshit.

How can you honestly look at the videos — the beatings, the attacks of actual peaceful protestors (you know, the ones who surrounded the statue and then had stuff thrown at them), the literal photos and videos of the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups — and act blind?

How can you hear the racial and homophobic slurs that were thrown at counter-protesters and act deaf?

How can you honestly defend those who marched with a man who drove a car into a crowd of people that were protesting?

How can you say this wasn’t about a racial divide when David Duke, King Scumbag and ex-Grand Wizard of the KKK, actually came out in support of Trump at the rally?

“Blood and soil,” “Jews will not replace us,” “Heil Victory (Sieg Heil)” were all chants spewed at these rallies. Two of which were actual Nazi chants. Hell, even the pamphlet for the “Unite the Right” rally said it was a pro-white rally.

How can you turn the other cheek from what’s happening?

This “not all…” excuse is bogus. If it doesn’t work when we try to explain to you that Islam isn’t a violent religion, it doesn’t at all defend what happened at the protests last weekend.

The “what about-ism” BS is also bogus. You really have the balls to compare the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis and KKK to the “Alt-Left,” a group that’s sole existence is to literally combat neo-Nazis and KKK?

Yes, Antifa is a horrible branch of the left. But they still don’t represent literal NAZIS and the KU KLUX KLAN.

Why is Donald Trump defending the alt-right? Why are you defending racism? The KKK? The Neo-Nazis?

Clean out your ears, and get your eyes checked — racism in America is real. If you keep denying this, you better buckle-up butter cup, because it’s going to be a long year.

Alex Kamczyc is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].