Opinion: God save Jake Tapper and the sinking raft he’s on

Alex Kamczyc

When I was in grade school, I learned that one of the biggest factors that led to the Spanish-American war was something called “Yellow Journalism.”

For those of you who don’t know, this journalism is a form a sensational storytelling with over-exaggerated facts, that presents no real or well-researched news.

Nowadays we call this “Fake News” — well, we call almost all news “Fake News.” It’s been used as an insult, and it’s been used to discredit some reputable news outlets.

I used to scoff at those who called places like CNN “Fake News.” I got into arguments, some civil, some violent (with my old roommate mostly — he was a conservative, go figure).

It seems that the balance is tipping towards the paranoid. Something that the left and news outlets alike need to start acknowledging.

Most recently, CNN retracted a story about a connection between Russia and an aide in President Donald Trump’s staff. Those involved were fired, and CNN quickly swept the incident under the rug.

Simply put, there wasn’t enough proof or enough research done before publishing the story so others could read it.

This is a golden example on how far the media can stretch itself to create a narrative. It isn’t honest, it isn’t news, and it’s not what we’re taught to do as reporters.

News outlets need to vet their stories more and do research into their stories before publishing anything or throwing wild claims out for ratings.

The most damning thing of it all is that these outlets are supposed to be unbiased, honest, and they’re supposed to report the news objectively. You tend to start playing with people’s lives when you paint them something they aren’t (see every news outlet vs. Gavin McInnes).

It looks like news outlets like CNN, Fox News, etc. are filled with decadent, depraved people who only care for ratings boosts. Or at least that’s what it looks like to the untrained eye viewing the horror show.

I just feel bad for Jake Tapper, CNN’s Chief Washington Correspondent and host of “The Lead,” who seems to be the only good reporter left on the big news networks. 

Alex Kamczyc is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].