Opinion: Why France needs Marine Le Pen

Jeffrey King

This past Sunday, France had their first round election, which eliminated all other candidates besides two: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron.

This election has been a tight race and has drawn the attention of many. Next, there will be a runoff election, which will take place on May 7. Here’s what you need to know about the election and Marine Le Pen:

Marine Le Pen, former president of French National Party who is often called the “female version of Donald Trump,” has been widely outspoken against the rise of global terrorism and closing the French border.

However, she may have a more extreme view compared to Trump, as she is widely known for her populist opinions. She has hopes to leave the European Union; this could be similar to the “Brexit” that took place last June in the United Kingdom. This has the potential to be known as the “Frexit.”

France needs Le Pen because the country is in shambles. France has taken in many Syrian refugees and has seen a large spike in terrorism.

For example, there was recently a shooting that took place just days before the French election which ISIS took responsibility for.

The country needs a leader who will put an end to this. They need someone who will close the borders and make France safe.

They also need someone who will put the French workers back to work. Currently, many factories are leaving France due to the high tax rate that they have in their country.

One of the biggest factories, Whirlpool, is scheduled to close in 2018. With Le Pen’s help, the company could be saved, but only if she wins on May 7.  

Similar to Trump, Le Pen faces the same criticism throughout the campaign, such as fake stories of having “low poll numbers.”

In fact, she came in second in the close race. She has been told that she can’t pull off a win.

However, similar to Trump, her rallies are full, and she attracts many supporters. Likewise, many women came out to support her on the day of the election, which put her at the top to pull off a victory on Sunday.

When it comes to the election on May 7, the female vote could be what puts Le Pen in the top spot.

She also attracts the younger voters, which helped her as well on Sunday.

On May 7, French voters will have their choice on someone who will fix the broken system and help put a stop to the rise in terrorism in their country, save jobs and the working person and put an end on taking orders from the European Union in Brussels.

We will see how the voters vote on May 7, and I have a feeling, similar to Trump, Le Pen will come out on top and be the next president of France.  

Jeffrey King is a member of the College Republicans, contact him at [email protected].