REVIEW: Sampling Kent’s best mixed drinks


A Hulk from the Loft on Monday, April 11, 2016.

Michael Nied

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, bars around Kent are prepared to see green for a weekend of festivities. If green beer isn’t your first choice, there are plenty of other signature drinks to enjoy for a night on the town.

Incredible Hulk — The Loft

Renowned for its drop shots, The Loft’s Incredible Hulk is a fan favorite that brings in customers from afar for a taste. Named after Marvel Comic’s indomitable superhero, the drink is a sublime shade of green and it packs a serious punch. This two-cup drop shot is served in a mug with a shot of vodka dropped in. The burn of liquor is masked by a sweet blend of secret ingredients, making it an easy drink for those who aren’t fond of the strong taste of booze. This is a drink that you can enjoy over an evening, but to quote the Hulk himself: Too many of these and “it’s clobberin’ time.”

Long Island Iced Tea — Ray’s Place

Inspired by the classic tea, the Long Island concoctions are the adult equivalent with a boozy twist. Comprised of gin, vodka, rum, triple sec and a shot of Coke, these drinks are a staple in bars across Kent, but Ray’s version is the talk of the town. Served in a sturdy mug and garnished with a lemon slice, bartenders make each drink from the raw ingredients instead of working from a mix. The effort is worthwhile, as the drink is far superior to standard mixes. Ray’s Long Island is as smooth as it is potent, and the blend of liquors are perfectly balanced, making for an enjoyable drink from start to finish.

Mongolian Motherf***er — Water Street Tavern

Fans of Long Island Iced Teas may be interested in trying out Water Street’s fruit punch-inspired take on the classic cocktail. Comprised of 11 white liquors, cranberry and orange juices, Water Street’s Mongolian Motherf***er is so popular, the bar keeps it on tap for easy access. The fruity blend is significantly sweeter, but just as potent than its Long Island relative. As an added bonus, you get to take your cup home with you at the end of the evening. Talk about the ideal keepsake of a night you may or may not remember after one too many of these fruity treats.

Angry Bird — Bar 145

Looking for a drink that may bite back? Look no further than Bar 145’s signature Angry Bird cocktail. Combining the slow burn of Absolut Vodka with the tart bite of Angry Orchard cider and sour apple Schnapps, the Angry Bird is a more evolved drink that expertly balances sweet and sour. Garnished with lemon slices and a mint chiffonade, this is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing drinks you’ll enjoy around campus. The taste is slightly bitter, but balanced with sweetness, too, just like its namesake video game characters. This is a drink that is better suited for sipping than gulping, so it’ll set the scene for hours of good conversation among friends.

157 Martini —157 Lounge

Its main draw during the day may be sushi, but 157 Lounge’s signature martini is a delightful catch. The 157 Martini is comprised of mango vodka, mango puree and pineapple and orange juices — a perfectly balanced blend of tropical fruits. Served in a standard martini glass and garnished with a lemon slice, the drink is a vivid shade of orange that perfectly reflects its bright taste. The distinct taste of vodka is masked by the singing sweetness of the fruits, making this an easy drink to savor. Enjoy with caution though, as it is a potent blend. Too many of these and you’ll be swimming with the Koi fish.

Michael Nied is the entertainment reviewer, contact him at [email protected]