Students of all faiths celebrate Jewish holiday

Megan Ferguson

Hillel hosted a Purim Carnival Thursday for the first time in the Kent State student center.

Students celebrated the Jewish holiday with free food, carnival games, raffles and Hamantaschen cook-offs.

The holiday commemorates the death of King Haman who planned to kill the Jews in Old Persia but was defeated by Mordecai and Esther, the Queen of Persia.

The death of Haman started the tradition of celebrating with food and rejoicing.

“Purim is like the Jewish Halloween,” Emily Yehezkel, junior American Sign Language major and Hillel president said.

Most temples celebrate with a carnival or event, and students dress up in different kinds of costumes she said. The costumes can be related to the holiday’s history or regular Halloween costumes.

“I celebrated Purim growing up in my synagogue by dressing up, putting on plays and playing games,” Mara Cash, sophomore psychology major said.

Hillel celebrates Purim every year, and it was previously celebrated in the Cohn Jewish Student Center.

Cash said she encourages non-Jewish students to come and experience a new culture with events like these.

The actual Holiday fell on March 11 to March 12, but Hillel is celebrated on March 16.