Opinion: A woman’s place

Madison Newingham

Traditionally, women are thought to remain in the home, do household chores, reproduce and care for those whom they birth. Some conservative white men in power assert this is a normal, typical, vital role, especially for women to lead good Christian lives.

I thought as a society, we were beginning to move past this notion; however, the Trump administration threatens the advancement of women in the public sphere.

I want to remind Donald Trump and conservatives in Congress the difference between men and women is simply a Y chromosome. Women are just as useful to the material world as the men currently in our government. We can see this through efforts expressing the female ability to expand beyond the home, contribute to the economy and coincide more fluidly with religious lifestyles. This is still a core value in the “modern” American Dream.

In the domestic sphere, women don’t need any training or tailoring to fit a certain image. At this point in the progression of humanity, people have developed enough to recognize that a cookie-cutter image does not fit all people and should not be a standard.

Not all women can cook or even like to cook. I personally am terrible at being a traditional woman. I have too many leadership positions, I have too much ambition, I am a horrid chef and I have no idea how to bake a cake.

Both men and women are equally capable of changing a diaper or feeding an infant child. All women have the intellectual ability to choose a suitable path fit for their desired life course. Similarly, women who chose to stay at home and raise a child should not be considered anti-feminists.

Anti-feminists are those who take on a traditional role for the purpose of tradition and ignore the will to live as they feasibly please. An equal household would allocate all responsibilities to all involved in that house. Men can help with house-hold chores, such as cooking, and women could help with traditionally masculine chores such as mowing the lawn.

Ultimately, an equal household allows for the discussion and malleability of the tasks that must be completed.

Furthermore, the stress on a one-income household could be alleviated by allowing women to utilize their potential in society. Women are equally capable of living in the business world. Women belong in NASA, engineering, the police force, politics, law and other fields.

The mind of a women does not differ from that of a man. In fact, a mother’s perspective could only add to beneficial, thought-out decisions.

For example, a female politician with a child may pause to reflect how a piece of legislation may affect the child that came directly from her womb before making a hasty decision. Ultimately, a family will be more successful if it allows for both parties to contribute to the world.

I want to call out the inequality within our government specifically — a government that is supposed to be representative of and for the people. EMILY’s List reported that women make up just 24 percent of state legislators nationwide. In some states, women make up as little as 13 percent of their legislature, and not a single state in the country reaches 50 percent, though women make up slightly more than 50 percent of the population.

To combat this, we must recognize the worth of our diverse communities in gender and ethnic background.

Finally, the American Dream is stigmatized by Christianity. No, I am not saying Christianity is a “bad” religion, nor am I suggesting conversion; however, some will use this religion to justify backward positions on a women’s role. I am suggesting this notion must stop — we must stop hiding behind religion to advance an unjust position that women belong to traditional roles.

Some believe this religion calls for traditional roles, but I assert this is not the case. The religion encourages living a life in such a way God would support.

Being a Christian entails selflessness, charity, the support of humanity and the likes. In no circumstance should one ever believe hatred, discrimination, alienation or violence promote Christianity. Encompassed in this belief, one should never discriminate via gender roles to promote any religion.

I reference Christianity specifically because this country has a current problem and negative history with religious toleration, as seen by threats and vandal to Jewish centers and Muslim mosques.

Further, one should contribute to the world in his or her fullest capacity. Thus, the notion for traditional roles is not only a social construct, but also outdated and backward even within the Christian religion. Women are no less faithful if they chose to work or decide not to have children.

All women — black, white, Latino, Asian and countless more — are capable of living in the world humanity has created. Women are not emotionally, physically, mentally or intellectually inferior.

For the communal good, we must allow everyone to live the life he or she desires. Gender does not disqualify one from determining the path of her future, and all women are equally capable.  

Madison Newingham is a columnist, contact her at [email protected]