Opinion: President of, for and by the people

Jeffrey King

On Saturday, President Donald Trump held a rally in Florida to lay out some of his plans for the future of our country.

This was a rally unlike no other, drawing a crowd of nearly 10,000 people. It was similar to the campaign rallies that he used to have before he was elected.

The topics of the rally ranged from fake news and immigration to repealing and replacing “Obamacare.”

Before Trump began his speech, first lady Melania Trump began the rally by reciting the Lord’s Prayer. This was something that has not been seen in a long time: a first lady opening up for her husband with prayer.

It was a nice gesture. The prayer showed a genuine and loving side of the first lady, which we do not see that often — especially since she has decided to live in New York City until their son Barron finishes school.  

However, the media and many other people saw this as unacceptable. They judged her on reciting the prayer from a piece of paper and not from memory, her accent and for reciting the prayer in general.  

This is a disgrace, considering the fact that we are a country founded on religious liberties — she should have been able to recite the Lord’s Prayer without any problems.

To make fun of her accent is also a disgrace. This is an intelligent woman who speaks five languages, so she cannot help her accent.

Where are all the so-called “feminists” when people are attacking her —  a woman — for no reason? She has done nothing wrong, but continues to be attacked by the media.

During Trump’s speech, he recognized a fan in the crowd that he had seen on TV earlier in the day talking about his support for the current administration. After Trump spotted him in the crowd, he asked for him to come to the stage so he could meet him and say a few words.

I have never seen a sitting president pull someone from the crowd to come speak onstage with him while he was giving a speech. This was something that surprised many, including the U.S. Secret Service, as he requested this man to “hop the fence” to get on stage. As Trump put it, “We know our people.”

The fan gave a few words to the large crowd addressing his support of Trump. This act showed another side of the president that we do not see often, but it shows that he truly cares about the American people and wants the best for us.  

Throughout his speech, he continued to give hope and optimism about his term. He has made sure that he will put America’s best interests before him to make the best decisions for us.

He wants to make sure we are safe and prospering because America is the best country on earth.  I look forward to seeing Trump have more rallies like this, and I am glad we finally have a president that is of, for and by the people.   

Jeffrey King is a member of the College Republicans, contact him at [email protected].